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Wash. Post: ‘Morano is, arguably, the star of ‘Merchants of Doubt’ – ‘Morano makes for a jocular — and weirdly unapologetic — advocate for what can only be called ignorance’

He also plays dirty. In “Doubt,” Morano recounts with glee how he has published the e-mail addresses of climate scientists, subjecting them to intimidation and flaming attacks from anonymous critics. (Several of the abusive e-mails are read aloud in the film by their recipients, in an evocation of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” segments.) […]

Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry rips the ‘bankruptcy of the ‘Merchants of Doubt’ meme – ‘Morano is actually quite broadly knowledgeable about climate science and the associated politics’

The 21st century ‘doubters’ The movie interviewed the following ‘doubters’: Fred Singer William O’Keefe Marc Morano William O’Keefe is President of the George Marshall Institute, someone that I had never heard of until last fall when I was invited by GMI to give a seminar.  The George Marshall Institute is definitely a villain in this piece; […]