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Reviews are in! Skeptic Morano as villain in warmist film is ‘terrifyingly impressive, sadistic’ – ‘Evil Personified’ ‘The doc’s most engaging character’ – ‘A magnificent antihero, a cheery, chatty prevaricator’ – ‘Slick’ – ‘Scary’ – ‘A loathsome mercenary’ – ‘Sleazy spin doctor’

Watch ‘Merchants of Doubt’ Trailer here:  Morano featured as villain in new warmist documentary: ‘Merchants of Doubt’ – Marc Morano in warmist film: ‘I am not a scientist, although I do occasionally play one on TV — Ok — Hell, more than occasionally.’ – ‘We (skeptics) the negative force, we are just trying to stop stuff.’ [Note: For those not […]

New Warmist claim: ‘Climate change to make steak and chicken taste worse’ The report by researchers at the University of Melbourne said Australia’s dry deserts will become hotter, heavy rain will increase in areas like NSW and cyclones will become less frequent but more intense in the north. It found those predictions will impact agriculture production and force farmers to adapt to changing conditions. That could […]

The movie ‘Kingsman’: ‘The most subversive anti-AGW movie’

Kingsman: the most subversive anti-AGW movie Some movies are unintentionally anti-AGW because they are so pretentious like Atavar or just plain stupid like Noah.Some are subtle and sly in their critique of AGW like Interstellar, a great movie or Captain America: The Winter Soldier another great piece of cinema.But there is nothing subtle or […]