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Watch: Morano on Fox News on Google’s possible restrictions on skeptical blogs: ‘Google is going to basically say ‘truth’ is what a government agency says it is’

Watch: Morano on Fox News – March 6, 2015 ‘Happening Now’ :

Fox News Correspondent Douglas Kennedy: ‘Morano runs a anti-global warming blog that he says clears the pollution on climate science.’

Morano: ‘Let the public decide what is the truth. We call ourselves the consensus busters, because they are so often wrong. Google is going to basically say ‘truth’ is what a government agency says it is.’

‘We are actually the voice of the dissidents, we are the voice of the scientists who are speaking out against the so-called consensus.’

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Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links: ‘A Google research team is adapting that model to measure the trustworthiness of a page, rather than its reputation across the web. Instead of counting incoming links, the system – which is not yet live – counts the number of incorrect facts within a page. “A source that has few false facts is considered to be trustworthy,” says the team ( The score they compute for each page is its Knowledge-Based Trust score.The software works by tapping into the Knowledge Vault, the vast store of facts that Google has pulled off the internet. Facts the web unanimously agrees on are considered a reasonable proxy for truth. Web pages that contain contradictory information are bumped down the rankings.’

Rush Limbaugh on Google ‘facts’: ‘Who gets to decide what’s factual?  I’ll give you one subject.  Look at global warming.  I guarantee you that everybody in Google thinks it’s real; that man’s causing it.  Google believes every bit of liberal drivel, propaganda about it.  By the same token, anybody who doesn’t, anybody considered a “denier,” will never, ever be revealed in a Google search.’

Google works to rank sites based on ‘truthfulness’: They fear that skeptics of things like climate change or more immigration (both subjects that Google founders have expressed strong feelings about) might find their websites buried if this ranking system were adopted. “I worry about this issue greatly… My site gets a significant portion of its daily traffic from Google,” Anthony Watts, who runs Watts Up With That, a popular blog that is skeptical of global warming claims, told “It is a very slippery and dangerous slope because there’s no arguing with a machine,” he added.

Warmists at Media Matters on Morano: ‘Merchant Of Doubt Marc Morano Deeply Concerned Google Won’t Promote His Website’s Climate Denial’ – Fox News regular Marc Morano is worried that Google is going to start burying his climate change denial website, Climate Depot…The recent documentary Merchants of Doubt highlighted how Morano has used his media appearances and his website — which he is paid to run by a fossil fuel industry-funded organization — to cast doubt on the scientific consensus on climate change.’

Flashback 2011: Google to fight global warming ‘ignorance’:  Google ‘has brought together a team of 21 climate researchers to improve the way the science of global warming is communicated using new media’. Andrew Dessler, also a Google fellow and a climate scientist at Texas A&M University [to help end climate ‘ignorance.’]

Is it the Blue Pill for Google? Will it consign itself to oblivion with “truth” filters?

Megalomaniac Google? … Internet Behemoth Now Fancying Itself As The Ultimate Gatekeeper Of The Truth

More on scientific reaction to Google here.