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Video: EPA Chief Doesn’t Know If Their Climate Projections Are Rights Or Wrong!

“Stunning Development” … EPA Chief Doesn’t Know If Their Projections Are Rights Or Wrong!

It is indeed stunning. A must-watch. It’s as damaging a performance on behalf of a cause that you will ever see. EPA chief Gina McCarthy also says she doesn’t even know whose models policy is being based on. She says that the models diverging from actual observations “on the whole makes no difference to the validity in the robustness of climate science that is telling us that we are facing an absolute challenge that we must address …blah blah blah…” “Whose models? What projections?” Sorry, but it makes all the difference in science. McCarthy thus confirms observational data mean nothing and that climate science is a religion at the EPA. This is as incompetent as you will ever see.  

— gReader Pro