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White House: Don’t mention temperature when talking about global warming In its guidance, the administration wrote: In light of the difficulties in attributing specific climate impacts to individual projects, [Council on Environmental Quality] recommends agencies use the projected [greenhouse gas] emissions and also, when appropriate, potential changes in carbon sequestration and storage, as the proxy for assessing a proposed action’s potential climate change impacts. […]

‘McCarthyism Not Dead’: ‘If you dare to disagree with any part of Obama’s strategy, we will come after you’

McCarthyism Not Dead By Paul Homewood Others have covered Roger Pielke Jnr’s run in with US Representative Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) who is the ranking member of the House of Representatives Committee on Environment and Natural Resources. Anyone who has not seen it, Roger has it on his blog here. But just to bring home […]