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Satellites: Warming pause continues & 2014 not the hottest

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    There was nothing special about the temperature of the Earth in 2014.  In fact, there has been no meaningful warming since last century.

    This is true no matter what set of temperature data you examine.

    However, when you examine the data recorded from satellites, the flaws in the warming narrative become even clearer.

    Satellites are considered by many to be the best available source of temperature data.  Local measurements are subject to many sorts of errors.  Temperature stations tend to be located near population centers where they are subject to the urban heat island effect.  Weather balloons, temperature stations and buoys leave huge gaps in coverage.  Climate researchers then fill in the their best guesses as to what temperature should be for the huge areas where no readings exist. This creates opportunity for honest error — or worse.

    Satellites, on the other hand, record temperatures over the entire Earth.  Their coverage is more complete and the data they yield is much more difficult to manipulate.

    RSS sattelite graph 2014 not the warmest pause continues

    The graph above shows us that there has been no meaningful warming since the 1990′s.  Today’s school children have never lived in a warming world.

    The graph below shows how badly 33 UN IPCC climate models fare when compared against actual measurements.  Keep in mind that the earlier period, when the models and temperatures appear to line up, is from before the models were created.

    Hindsight we know is 20/20.

    RSS satellites v 33 UN climate models

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    After the models were created, and we were told told the whole thing was settled, global temperatures inconveniently remained cooler than projected.

    Go ahead, examine the data for yourself.  Compare it to the computer model projections.

    That’s what the warming crowd fears most.


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