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Watch: Morano on Fox on ‘Hottest Year’ Claims: ‘It’s statistical nonsense’ – ‘NASA’s Gavin Schmidt has egg all over his face with this’

Watch Video here:  Partial transcript of interview: Marc Morano: Their error bars for claiming the ‘hottest years’ are 500% larger than the claimed difference. In other words, they are talking about statically meaningless temperature records that the instrument record can’t even measure. It’s way within the margin of error. It’s statistical nonsense. You asked, Stuart, […]

WH Science Czar Holdren says Obama climate regs ‘greatly improve’ odds of avoiding a billion deaths

White House science czar John Holdren is alleging that President Obama’s global warming regulations may “greatly improve” the “prospects for permanently avoiding” a billion deaths from what he termed “carbon-dioxide climate-induced famines.” Holdren told Fox News in a January 1, 2015 article that his 1987 suggestion of a billion CO2 induced deaths was not a “prediction” but merely what may be “possible.” Fox […]