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Bravo! Aussie Gov’t has slashed funding to a key UN environment agency by more than 80‰, stunning environmental groups ahead of UN climate summit in Peru’

Result! Coalition slashes funds to UN climate scroungers It’s a drop in the ocean, to be sure, but at least it is in the right direction. The ABC, naturally, is inconsolable: The Federal Government has slashed funding to a key United Nations environment agency by more than 80 per cent, stunning environmental groups ahead […]

Michigan ski area opens with record snow

Michigan ski area opens with record snow WAKEFIELD — Indianhead Mountain opened to skiing on Friday after record snowfall has fallen this year. “Indianhead will be able to offer some of the best early season skiing in years,” said Indianhead general manager Barry Bolich. “It was a really good day for November. We’re lucky […]

Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry: ‘The legacy of Climategate: 5 years later’

The legacy of Climategate: 5 years later by Judith Curry Every year at Thanksgiving, I am reminded of Climategate. Over the Thanksgiving holiday in 2009, in the midst of extensive email discussions with Andy Revkin and Joe Romm (!), I penned my essay An open letter to graduate students and young scientists in fields […]

Claim: ‘Climate change fuels sexual violence’ Climate change may lead to increased violence by depleting natural resources Women or girls may be vulnerable to attack when gathering scarce water or wood Further resource depletion is likely to exacerbate sexual violence

Global Warming Claim: Airplanes Won’t Fly in 50 Years Share on Facebook 117 160 SHARES The hunt for Manbearpig continues. Amusing Alarmist predictions have ranged from the apocalyptic to the bizarre, but the latest is downright idiotic. According to a couple of scientists from Columbia University, air travel might be relegated to the trash bin of history in the future because of the […]

UK Energy Sec. Ed Davey: ‘One year to save planet’

Ed Davey: ‘One year to save planet’ OK, right, just shut up and listen. We’ve only got ONE year to save the planet, starting NOW. Thus spake the UK’s moonbat minister for energy, commenting on the Lima gab-fest: World leaders must agree a deal to tackle global warming within the next year or risk […]