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‘Why Does Obama Want To Kill The African Dream?’

Why Does Obama Want To Kill The African Dream?

By Paul Homewood A reader left this comment on my article China’s New Energy Plan Forecasts Big Rise In CO2 Emissions, which was reposted at WUWT. Mervyn Recently, Obama made his grandstanding-Obama/China deal, effectively allowing China to keep emitting enormous amounts of CO2 in its quest to develop, which is also what India is doing. Well, here is the $64,000 question everyone should be asking, every day. The African dream is to develop, and to do so requires cheap reliable fossil fuel energy. But Obama’s policies have put grave restrictions on funding projects in Africa that are linked to fossil fuel energy, insisting such poor countries use expensive unaffordable inefficient renewable energy. So why is Obama quite happy to allow China (and India) to develop, yet at the same time he is happy to kill the African dream? I really can’t add anything to that.

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