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U.S.-China deal? ‘A lame duck President, who just suffered a major defeat in the midterm elections has managed the ‘feat’ of getting the Chinese to shake his hand and solemnly promise to keep doing what they are doing for another 16 years’

Gullible leaders, journalists, swallow advertising and cheer it on? Let’s all jump on the ghost of a bandwagon! The front page of The West Australian declared “Barnett backs Obama’s climate plans” The dead-horse is getting flayed a bit longer and the spectators are cheering louder than when it had legs. A foreign, lame duck […]

Green disinformation on fossil-fuel ‘subsidies’: Report ‘described as ‘subsidies’ normal deductions of expenses and capital costs from revenues for calculation of taxable income’

Green disinformation: worse than we thought The other day, I mentioned a report by a pair of NGOs on the subject of fossil fuel subsidies, noting that the usual suspects in the mainstream media had failed to mention that in the UK oil companies are subject to a supertax on top of the Corporation […]

New term: ‘Grubering’ and how it applies to Climate Alarmism

New term: ‘Grubering’ and how it applies to Climate Alarmism WUWT reader M. Paul writes: Sometimes a new word emerges that neatly encapsulates a set of complex ideas. We have recently seen such a word enter the lexicon: Grubering. For those of you who missed it, an MIT Professor named Jonathan Gruber has been […]