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U. of Arizona Professor: Climate change now ‘irreversible’ – Humans must ‘terminate industrial civilization’

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McPherson lives in ‘a straw house in the middle of the woods surrounded by animals.’

McPherson: ‘I think we are walking around to save our own funeral expenses at this point. We have triggered 39 self-reinforcing feedback loops. Those things feed on themselves and feed on each other as well.’

‘The only way to stop runaway climate change is to terminate industrial civilization. The evidence is clear on that front and it is in the refereed journal literature.’

Q: Can we buy extra time? McPherson answers: ‘What we can do is enjoy and create moments of joy while we are here…humans will reach the end of the line in a relativity short time’


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NASA’s former lead global warming scientist endorsed similar ideas: NASA scientist James Hansen endorses book which calls for ‘ridding the world of Industrial Civilization’ – Hansen declares author ‘has it right…the system is the problem’ – Book proposes ‘razing cities to the ground, blowing up dams and switching off the greenhouse gas emissions machine’