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Geologists Dissent – Declare climate science to be ‘crisis-driven…where funding, politics & the media are all intertwined…generating a corrupting influence’ – Call so-called solutions ‘hopelessly misguided’

Geologists Dr. Nick Eyles and Dr. Andrew Miall are professors in the Department of Geology at the University of Toronto. Nick Eyles previous books include Ontario Rocks: Three Billion Years of Environmental Change and Toronto Rocks: the Geological Legacy of the Toronto Region. Both authors have provided hundreds of leading scientific papers. Excerpts: What is patently obvious from reviewing Canada’s […]

Austrian Daily Reports: ‘Huge Polar Ice Growth Surprises Climate Scientists’…’Like One Not Seen In Decades’!

Austrian Daily Reports: “Huge Ice Growth Surprises Climate Scientists” … “Like One Not Seen In Decades”! By P Gosselin on 15. Oktober 2014 The Austrian online Kronen Zeitung here has an article about something most German-language media outlets have been too red-faced to report on: The sudden growth in polar sea ice. The Kronen Zeitung opens with: A huge growth in ice at the poles has […]

Warmist New claim: ‘Recent sea level rise is highest in 6,000 years’ — DEBUNKED

Via: New paper claims after 6,000 year ‘pause’, sea levels began rising 150 years ago A new paper published in PNAS finds global sea levels rose up to 8 times faster than the present after the peak of the last ice age ~20,000 years ago, followed by a large deceleration starting ~6,000 years ago to stable levels […]

The Breathless Hypocrisy Driving Energy ‘Divestment’

Consider also one central dimension of what it means to be human: the application of intelligence to overcome the obstacles that define life outside the Garden of Eden. From backbreaking toil by hand, to the use of animals and tools, to the evolution of energy from wood to whale oil to coal to oil and […]