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Alert: ‘Bill McKibben’s Funders Haven’t Divested From Fossil Fuels’ – Climate march organizer quietly ‘acknowledges [their funders] have millions of dollars invested in fossil fuels’

The foundation responsible for providing the financial support to launch and sustain Bill McKibbens group, known best for leading the anti-Keystone XL pipeline effort as well as the more recent anti-fossil fuel divestment campaign, acknowledged this week that they have millions of dollars invested in fossil fuels, including oil sands. Thanks to a well-packaged and timely rollout, however, the mainstream media completely missed the stunning revelation.

Timed to coincide with the anti-fossil fuel march in New York City over the weekend, the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation (RBF) led a press conference of groups announcing a pledge to divest from fossil fuels. Given that board members of RBF are heirs to the Rockefeller oil fortune, the media was led to believe that divestment from fossil fuels was a drastic change in practice for the foundation. Yet anyone who knows the least bit about RBF is well aware that foundation has given millions to groups that oppose fossil fuels for years.

In fact, RBF is credited for providing the financial support to launch How do we know that? Because Bill McKibben himself reluctantly gave away those details in a little-watched YouTube video (full version of interview here) from three years ago with a news outlet called Climate Challenge.