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Donald Trump Scoffs at ‘Climate Change’: ‘It’s Called Weather’

Donald Trump Scoffs at ‘Climate Change’: ‘It’s Called Weather’

September 1, 2014 By Greg Campbell

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ZTrumpReal estate mogul Donald Trump is not afraid to tell it like it is. The bold billionaire has been willing to call out the political correctness police and the asinine celebrities who do more talking than thinking.

Now, Trump has called out President Obama and claimed that Americans feel “embarrassed” about the obvious lack of leadership in the White House.

In a recent interview with Breitbart News, Trump explained, “[Americans] are so disappointed in their country. They’re disappointed in their leadership, and they’re very embarrassed.”

While conservatives and Tea Partiers remain some of the most patriotic Americans, Trump is correct in his assessment that many feel embarrassed by the president and disappointed in the direction this nation is heading.

When the conversation turned to illegal immigration and Obama’s continual threat to implement amnesty via executive fiat, Trump explained that it “would be a terrible thing for the country” if the president ruled as a dictator and enacted unilateral amnesty.

“Our country has enough problems,” Trump said. “Many of the people coming in are not people that their countries wanted. We’re getting a lot of rough customers coming in and we’re getting a lot of criminal types coming in. I’m sure we’re getting some very good people coming in. But it’s very unfair to the millions of other people who want to come into the country who want to go through the legal system, and they’re never going to make it. It’s very unfair.”

Trump claimed that ISIS may have sealed their own fate by publicly beheading journalist James Foley. Trump explained,

“ISIS made a very big mistake when they so publicly beheaded Mr. Foley, the reporter. I think that was a tremendous mistake, because more than any other act that got the anger of even people who were not hawkish—that got the anger up. I think that was a terrible mistake because I’d imagine at a certain point we’re going to blow them into oblivion. People who weren’t in favor of that all of a sudden are.”

Of course, public sentiment may be against ISIS, but military action would require a Commander-in-Chief with the nerve and fortitude to commit to force and remain committed fully until the job was done.

The interview with Trump concluded with a discussion about “climate change,” or, as Trump and many other conservatives call it, “weather.”

“Taxing everybody for climate change is absolutely ridiculous,” Trump said. “Many people don’t even think there is such a thing as ‘climate change.’ It’s called weather.”

“Now they call it ‘climate change’ but they used to call it ‘global warming,’” Trump stated. “Well, ‘climate change’ takes care of everything—cooling, warming, no matter what happens. The whole thing with massive taxes, which is essentially what it is, would be very bad for the country.”