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Paris Climate Talks To Draw 50,000 Green Bureaucrats & Campaigners

Paris Climate Talks To Draw 50,000 Green Bureaucrats & Campaigners As many as 50,000 people are likely to attend the December 2015 talks in Paris aimed at forging a UN pact on climate change, host France said today. Roughly half this number will be official delegates, and the remainder will be support staff or […]

Meet NASA’s New ‘James Hansen’ – Gavin Schmidt – the man who hates debate & loses when he does debate – He has been criticized by prominent scientists for ‘erroneously communicating the reality of the how climate system is actually behaving’

Climate Depot Round Up of NASA”s New Lead Global Warming Scientist   NASA’s new lead global warming scientist, Gavin Schmidt, has history of belittling skeptical scientists, suppressing debate, condoning making climate data “impenetrable” and many of his scientific claims and his website, have been harshly criticized by scientists from around the world. Schmidt replaces […]

Beetles & forest fires convinced Hillary of AGW: ‘A 2005 Senate trip to Canada opened Hillary Clinton’s eyes to the dangers of climate change & inspired her to push for aggressive actions to fight it’ The autobiography, Clinton’s second, comes just days after President Barack Obama unveiled aggressive new climate-change measures aimed at U.S. coal-fired electricity. It describes how she and the boss barged into a secret meeting at the 2009 Copenhagen climate-change conference involving emissaries from China, India, Brazil and South Africa. After exchanging a mischievous look, the […]