Dear Lennart: A Letter In Support Of Professor Bengtsson

By: - Climate DepotMay 14, 2014 7:45 PM

Dear Lennart: A Letter In Support Of Professor Bengtsson Dear Lennart, I received your letter with shock, dismay and huge sympathy. All scientists know that hypotheses are hypotheses and nothing more. That politicians take hypotheses and run with them at their own convenience, is universal. But when so-called scientists give priority to their political convictions, it verges on corruption and is devastating for the world of science, in general. The pressure on you from the climate community simply confirms the worst aspects of politicized science. I have been reprimanded myself for opposing the climate bandwaggon, with its blind dedication to political ambitions; it needs to be exposed, globally. Thanks for showing so much courage. Let´s hope there are more honest brokers in the climate world than are apparent today. Yours, David David G. Gee Professor Em. Orogen Dynamics Department of Earth Sciences Uppsala University, Sweden Sent by gReader Pro