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Obama goes solar — to power only 22 light bulbs?! Report: ‘White House installed enough solar panels ‘to power twenty-two 100-watt bulbs for 20 hours each day’

Report Reprinted From: [Update: Article reprint below includes revised figures reflecting the corrected number of light bulbs that could be powered by the solar panels.] They’re Back! Solar Panels now atop the White House The Reprinted Article Below Was Written by CCD (Climate Change Dispatch) Editor on May 10 2014. Obama is officially the new Jimmy Carter […]

‘Obama spoke as if the earth, winds, and sky were simply elements to be manipulated at his whim, if only he could muster enough American tax dollars and the authority to tax energy consumption to his heart’s desire’   Just who is this group which published the report, the National Climate Assessment?  None other than an arm of the United States Global Change and Research Program.  Its research is funded by federal dollars, and its findings incidentally promote the federal agenda which has lain dormant in this time since Barack’s ascendency which has cast […]