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Watch Now: Marc Morano on TV explains Obama’s climate report: ‘It’s bastardizing science’ – ‘This is a political report meant to give cover for a political agenda’

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Excerpts of Morano’s appearance on Sun News TV on May 7, 2014 – ‘Byline’ w/ Brian Lilley: 

Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano: “President Obama has been stifled by the GOP Congress. He is facing midterm election where Democrats are fleeing from him. He’s got no domestic agenda. He is trying to play around with some Foreign Policy stuff, but his Sec. of State John Kerry keeps putting his foot in his mouth and causing major distractions.

So what President Obama has left are executive orders on global warming. He is going to use this report as a basis to start action and shutting down coal plants, preventing new ones form coming on line. They have already announced an intention to go after natural gas fracking. They are still delaying the long delayed Keystone pipeline.

Obama can now act to do something about global warming. He doesn’t need ‘no stinking Congress’ as it were.

The report tries to claim that global warming was here and now. And in doing so they really had to twist science on its head. Sarah Palin, the former VP candidate, was (unfairly) ridiculed for implying she could see Russia from her house or from Alaska. Well now they say you can see global warming from your back yard or out your window. It’s bastardizing science.(See: Obama Admin’s John Podesta offers proof of AGW: ‘I’d say that probably look out your window’ ) 

Because on every major extreme weather measure, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts, there is either no trend on 50-100 time scales or there is declining trends. They have basically said every storm now is proof of global warming. And we must ‘act now’ to stop bad weather. As though acts of Congress or our EPA can stop storms.

On sea level, the report is predicting more than 6 and half feet over the next century. That is 11 times the natural rate over the past two centuries and there are actually recent peer reviewed studies showing a deceleration in sea level rise.

This is a political report — predetermined science. They selected lead authors from Nature Conservancy, from Union of Concerned scientists from other environmental groups. They picked other scientists like Katharine Hayhoe and Don Weubbles, people they knew what they were going to write before the report was written.

This is a political report meant to give cover for a political agenda.”

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