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Federal report: California solar plant a ‘Death Star incinerating anything that flies’ – 300,000 mirrors reaching temps of 800 degrees F

The Ivanpah solar thermal power plant in the Southern California desert supplies enough carbon-free electricity to power 140,000 homes. For birds, bats and butterflies, though, the futuristic project is the Death Star, incinerating anything that flies through a “solar flux” field that generates temperatures of 800 degree Fahrenheit when 300,000 mirrors focus the sun on […]

Another Dissenter: Geoscientst & former UN Consultant Dr. David Kear declares warming fears ‘based on unfounded unscientific beliefs’ – An ‘innocent gas, CO2, has been demonized and criminalized’

Experts from April 6, 2014 report by Dr. David Kear: A huge international bureaucratic industry was born – with Cabinet Ministers, government departments, company sections, travel, conferences, treaties, carbon credits, and carbon trading, and very much more. The challenge was often heard that we must curb our carbon emissions or sacrifice our grandchildren’s well-being. In truth, […]

Harvard Scientist Debunks Statements Made by Michael Mann

Soon on climate models: “The one problem with a computer climate model is that even if we seemed to have gotten some agreements from the model with observations, we can be 100 percent sure that we have gotten the right result for the wrong reason,” Soon said. “The explanation is very simple: a computer climate […]