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Rush Limbaugh Touts Climate Depot on radio: ‘Our buddy Marc Morano, former ‘Our Man in Washington’ from Rush The TV Show, he’s got a website in Climate Depot where he chronicles all of the leftist propaganda’

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Rush Limbaugh touts Climate Depot: ‘Our man in Washington’, from my TV show, Marc Morano has a website called Climate Depot. The left hates it. They literally despise it’ — Limbaugh: ‘If you want to see all this, you know, our man in Washington, from my TV show, Marc Morano has a website called Climate Depot.  The left hates it.  They literally despise it.  And what Marc does is simply collect every bit of data that is available all over the world via the World Wide Web, and he links to it, and one of the latest links,, UK Telegraph, headline:  ‘Global Warming: Time to Rein Back on Doom and Gloom?  Global temperature lull raises the possibility that carbon dioxide may be less potent than has been thought in heating the planet.’        

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Rush Limbaugh – March of 1993: “‘Our Man In Washington’ — an ever more and more popular part of this program.” – March 2003.



Limbaugh’s comments on my Amazone Documentary and on  “Our Man in Washington” for his 90’s TV Show

Limbaugh radio transcript from June 21, 2000:

Marc Morano, you know who he is?  Does the name ring a bell?  “Our

man in Washington.”  When we had our TV show, Marc Morano was “Our man in

Washington.”  He was always down there with his camera, infiltrating liberal


        Oh, he found McCurry.  Well, I wouldn’t — look, McCurry had

consumed, say, a bit=2 0more of that beverage than he should have, but that’s as

far as I will go.

        But “Our man in Washington,” Marc Morano, is preparing a report on

this rainforest business, based on what these two scientists said.  And this

is bad news for the environmentalist whackos.  They’re just a little ticked

off at Marc Morano and his report, which is entitled “Amazon Rainforest:

Clear-cutting the Myths.”  The Rainforest Foundation, populated by some

big-name entertainers, is especially flustered.

        The wife of rock singer Sting, Trudie Sting — actually, her name is

Trudie Styler, but we’ll call her Trudie Sting — was reportedly outraged to

learn that the rainforest is more than 90 percent intact.  She went on to say

that she and her husband would continue to honor their commitment to the

indigenous peoples of the rainforest.

        Marc Morano confronted many celebrities, just as he used to do as

“Our man in Washington” — that’s what he did — he went and confronted these

liberals.  He came away with the impression that most of them didn’t want to

know that they’re participating in what he terms the biggest environmental

con of the past two decades.  Their knowledge base is very low on all these


        Well, of course it is.  Their knowledge base is irrelevant.

 # #