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Shock peer-reviewed paper provides ‘rationale’ for ‘information manipulation’ & ‘exaggeration’ in global warming debate to ‘enhance global welfare’

[Update: Authors of paper claim “misrepresentation” by media.:  The authors Fuhai Hong and Xiaojian Zhao sent out a note to members of the media which read in part: “Unfortunately, our points in the paper have been mis-interpreted and exaggerated by a few media. In the link below, please see our reply to the blog of Jayson Lusk. – Hopefully, […]

Warmists at New IPCC Report has been approved ‘after lengthy debates – by government delegations’ – Warns ‘without mitigation, the impacts of climate change will be devastating’

Impacts of Climate Change – Part 2 of the new IPCC Report has been approved The second part of the new IPCC Report has been approved – as usual after lengthy debates – by government delegations in Yokohama (Japan) and is now public. Perhaps the biggest news is this: the situation is no less […]