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Watch Now: Climate Depot’s Morano at CPAC panel: Warmists have gone ‘wacky’ – ‘Do you want to know how global warming is faring? They now want you to look at rape statistics, at crime statistics, vehicle theft statistics, whether your local Chipotle is serving guacamole’

Morano at CPAC – March 6, 2014 

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Warmists upset at ‘denier dream team’ at CPAC: Climate Depot’s Morano a featured speaker at CPAC Today at 3:30 PM on Climate Panel

DeSmogBlog smears skeptics: ‘The CPAC global warming panel taking place today in Washington features a cast of climate confusionists apparently seeking to permanently sink the GOP’s reputation on scientific matters. Alongside Milloy, the CPAC panel features Heartland Institute’s Joe Bast, CFACT’s Marc Morano, CEI’s Marlo Lewis and Frontiers of Freedom president George Landrith. ‘With one exception — CEO of Abundant Power Group, Shannon Smith, a conservative who acknowledged in a recent tweet that “climate change is a reality” — the rest of the panel is stacked with a denier dream team…’


CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) Schedule here.  3/6/14 3:30 PM: ‘What’s the Deal with Global Warming?’ ‘An Al Gore fever dream? Real but with caveats? Real but irrelevant?’ Location: Chesapeake D-F – Joe Bast, President, The Heartland Institute (Moderator) – Steve Milloy, Director of External Policy & Strategy, Murray Energy Corporation – Marc Morano, Publisher, Climate Depot – Dr. Marlo Lewis,  Senior Fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute – George Landrith, President, Frontiers of Freedom – Shannon Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Abundant Power Group

CFlashback 2010: Climate Depot’s Morano addresses 2010 CPAC on global warming after accepting Accuracy in Media award – ‘Carbon-based economies are one of the greatest liberators of mankind in the history of our planet. Let’s not demonize CO2 – it’s not pollution. Let’s laugh at Sen. Barbara Boxer the next time she claims it is pollution’ – Watch Speech Video: Part 1 — Part 2 

Flashback 2010: Andrew Breitbart, Marc Morano to Receive Accuracy in Media Awards at CPAC – ‘Morano’s excellent reporting on the ClimateGate scandal that exposed the politicized science behind claims that the science is settled on global warming’