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Super Cold Bust: Super Bowl ticket prices continue to plummet – ‘Could turn out to be one of the least expensive’ – ‘Sitting outside in very cold weather is a deterrent’

2013 NFL playoffs — Super Bowl ticket prices continue to plummet – ESPN Two hungry fan bases and the wealth of the New York metropolitan area had some guessing that Super Bowl XLVIII would turn out to be the most expensive ticket in Super Bowl history. However, judging from the reaction of the resale […]

UK Met Office: 17-Year Global Temperature Standstill Continues

UK Met Office: Global Temperature Standstill Continues With none of the fanfare that accompanies their prediction of the global temperature for the forthcoming year the Met Office has quietly released the global temperature for 2013. It will come as no surprise after the 2013 temperatures released by NASA and NOAA that it shows the […]

Update: Video & Transcripts Coming Soon: Early Reactions to Morano/Nye Debate on Stossel TV: ‘Utterly Stunned watching Climate Depot’s [Morano] debate UNARMED opponent’ Nye

Related Links from December 2012 Debate Between Morano & Nye:  Flashback on Nye’s debate with Morano on Piers Morgan on CNN: Warmists concede Bill Nye ‘looked outclassed and flustered’ against Climate Depot’s Morano in CNN primetime debate on Piers Morgan — Warmists at Little Green Footballs: ‘Morano threw too many talking points for Bill [Nye] to field […]