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The rise and fall of the Hockey Stick and Mann-made global warming alarm – A Definitive Summary of Mann’s claims

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U.S. 2.04°F Below Normal – NOAA U.S. December 2013 – 98 Decembers Were Warmer

Via: 2.04°F Below Normal – NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) USA December 2013 – 98 Decembers Were Warmer Filed under: NOAA,USA — sunshinehours1 @ 8:06 AM According to the NOAA, December 2013 was only the 21st warmest out of 119. That means 98 Decembers (out of 119) were warmer. The 5 warmest Decembers were 1939, 1957, 1933, 1941 and 1946. […]

Peer reviewed Magazine axed after Skeptic Paper Accepted

Via: The Climate Sceptics Party – Peer reviewed Magazine axed after Skeptic Paper Accepted. Retraction Watch reports: (link) “CLIMATE SKEPTIC” JOURNAL SHUTTERED FOLLOWING “MALPRACTICE” IN “NEPOTISTIC” REVIEWER SELECTIONS The publisher of a journal apparently favored by climate change skeptics has shuttered it, saying that the editors changed the aim of the title and committed malpractice by […]