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Antarctic Sea Ice Sets Yet Another Record For Expanding Ice

The earth continues to accumulate sea ice.  Global sea ice area above normal for 50 consecutive days, since November 20, 2013   # With the South Pole well above average. Antarctic sea ice area above normal for 777 straight days, anomaly growing 20 Manhattans a day # December 31 Global Sea Ice Area (Both Arctic & […]

Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry’s at Senate hearing: ‘Attempts to modify the climate through reducing CO2 emissions may turn out to be futile’ – UN IPCC now making ‘a weaker case for anthropogenic global warming’

More coverage of Senate climate hearing here. (All witness testimony here) Link to Dr. Curry’s testimony:  — PDF document STATEMENT TO THE COMMITTEE ON ENVIRONMENT AND PUBLIC WORKS OF THE UNITED STATES SENATE – Hearing on “Review of the President’s Climate Action Plan” -16 January 2014 – Judith A. Curry – Georgia Institute of Technology Selected Excerpts:  Curry: I am Chair of the School […]