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Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer shocked that Obama Science Czar John Holdren ‘has so little knowledge of basic physics’

Spencer excerpt: Holdren co-authored a book chapter with Paul Ehrlich (the honorary Failed Forecast Czar) back in 1971 entitled Overpopulation and the Potential for Ecocide. In that chapter, they forecast both a human-caused ice age and human-caused warming, with the latter being the biggest threat. What is astounding from a science perspective is that Holdren blamed warming […]

NBC dismisses record U.S. cold as ‘single’ weather event – but previously linked heat waves, wildfires, snowstorms, Sandy, tornadoes, etc. to man-made global warming

NBC’s hypocrisy is stunning, here is just a sampling of instances where the network seized on single events to push the climate change agenda: Without Proof, NBC Presumes Global Warming to Blame for Wild Fires NBC: Global Warming to Blame for Deadly Polar Bear Attack  NBC Nightly News Blames Halloween Snowstorm on Global Warming  NBC […]