New York Mag: ‘Obama’s Second Term Is All About Climate Change’

The EPA’s new climate regulations are due to come out this June. They will face a certain legal challenge from conservatives. The main driving goal of Senate Democrats’ rule changes last year was to allow Obama to appoint judges to the D.C. Circuit, which will rule on those regulations.

This Sunday’s NFL Game in Green Bay: Coldest Ever?

Update: Bloomberg News: Green Bay Weather Threatens to Outfreeze NFL Ice Bowl Record Update 2: NFL Wild Card Playoffs 2014 weather forecast: Brutal conditions in Green Bay # Via Climatologist Dr.  Roy Spencer: This Sunday’s NFL Game in Green Bay: Coldest Ever? [Update: Spencer tells Climate Depot: ‘The latest GFS MOS fcst for 6 p.m. Sunday is -10 deg. […]

What Catastrophe? MIT Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen, the unalarmed climate scientist

Lindzen excerpt: “When you have an issue that is somewhat bogus, the opposition is always scattered and without resources,” he explains. “But the environmental movement is highly organized. There are hundreds of NGOs. To coordinate these hundreds, they quickly organized the Climate Action Network, the central body on climate. There would be, I think, actual […]

UN IPCC Expert Reviewer’s Analysis: ‘The reality is that the UN IPCC is in effect little more than a UN-sponsored lobby group, created specifically to investigate & push the ‘man-made warming’ line’

If the IPCC reports were accepted for exactly what they are – exaggerated science with a large dollop of politics – this would be the end of the matter. Unfortunately, various bodies actively encourage us to believe the reports are entirely scientific, accurate and completely authoritative on all climate matters, this despite the IPCC’s charter […]