Warmist Media Matters Misquotes Morano in Attempted Hit Piece: Claims Morano said ‘scientific journals” say global warming is not ‘real’ – Reality Check: Morano specifically was referring to the claims of man-made ‘global weirding’ of extreme weather as not being ‘real’

Media Matters writes: After Morano rattled off his usual talking points, dismissing any trend of increasing extreme weather events, Lemon said, “We get your point. You don’t think [climate change] is real.” Morano responded, “Scientific journals don’t think it’s real.”   Climate Depot Rebuttal: A viewing of the segment or reading the transcript clearly reveals both […]

Watch Video Now: CNN Hosts Rare Live Contentious Global Warming Debate – Marc Morano vs. Sierra Club’s Michael Brune & Philippe Cousteau Jr. – Full Transcript – Morano: ‘So record cold is now evidence of man-made global warming?

Watch Both Segments of CNN Debate here:    Transcript Below:  Update: Reactions to CNN Debate:  Daily Caller: ‘Global warming skeptic Morano buries Sierra Club director under avalanche of facts’ in CNN Debate Analysis: Don’t Expect The Facts From Sierra Club’s Michael Brune Warmist Media Matters laments CNN climate debate: ‘Morano’s extensive media presence is alarming’ […]