Tighter fuel standards to herald the end of the American SUV? Iconic Jeep Wrangler to ‘go on a serious diet using aluminum body panels’ due to mandated federal weight savings regulations

In 2012, The Obama administration released new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, requiring automakers to raise the average fuel efficiency of new cars and trucks to an “historic 54.5 MPG” by 2025. The new fuel standards are part of the Obama Administration’s “national program to improve fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” But the impact on […]

Global sea ice areal extent at highest level since 1994; Southern Hemisphere continues on an amazing run of daily record highs of expanding ice

By Paul Dorian, meteorologist with the SI, provides detailed forecasts for employee locations in the Mid-Atlantic The southern hemisphere sea ice areal extent continues its recent impressive run at daily record high levels when compared to all prior years in the satellite record-keeping era which began in 1979. This stretch of daily record high sea ice […]