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International Experts: Greenpeace An ‘Extremist Organization’ …’Often Uses Illegal Methods’…Now ‘Getting Its Due’…’ ARussian court has denied the Greenpeace activists bail, and the prospect of spending a long time is increasingly becoming a grim reality’

International Experts: Greenpeace An “Extremist Organization” …”Often Uses Illegal Methods”…Now “Getting Its Due”…

The Moscow Times here writes that a Russian court has denied the Greenpeace activists bail, and the prospect of spending a long time is increasingly becoming a grim reality. But unlike in the past, Greenpeace is now also being sharply criticized worldwide.
The English-language Voice of Russia aims harsh criticism at Greenpeace, writing that “experts doubt the adequacy and altruism of that international organization“.
The first thing that jumps out at you in the Voice of Russia article is the photo of Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise. The front is completely bent in. Have they been engaging in a little ramming lately? Some excerpts from the Voice of Russia (my emphasis):
The Western press launched a loud campaign in support of the Greenpeace. But many experts not to mention ordinary people call the actions of the activists ecological extremism. Here is the view of the situation of Mikhail Voytenko, the editor-in-chief of the Maritime Bulletin:
Everybody was afraid of getting involved with the Greenpeace, starting with corporations and ending with whole countries. And now it encountered somebody who did not get scared. And it is now getting its due. […] In reality, the Greenpeace is a dubious organization, which frequently uses illegal methods in quite different countries. […] On the whole it is practically an extremist organization.”
Voice of Russia quotes Ortis Andres Carlos, an Argentinian expert in economics and energy, a PhD in economics, is of a similar opinion:
It was a real attack on the Russian platform, the activists acted very roughly and provocatively. To call things their names, we are talking about «ecological terrorism». Greenpeace activists are a lot more interested in creating a social response.”
Meanwhile The Mirror here reports that arrested British journalist Keiron Bryan has gotten a letter out to the media in which he expresses real fear of what lies ahead. The Mirror writes: “he fears a long jail sentence and that he is feeling “horrible uncertainty and anxiety“. He believes that those arrested were “pieces in a game we didn’t want to  participate in“. Obviously Keiron and the activists initially thought they’d be handled with kids’ gloves, maybe spend a night in jail before strutting out the next day in the limelight of the big sympathetic media. Instead they are now staring at a Russian judge through the bars of a cage.
The biggest problem for the two journalists is the mountain of incriminating evidence Russian authorities likely have seized. All the computers and their contents in the form of e-mails, comments, documents etc. will tell if the journalists were truly objectively reporting, or if they were acting as powerful media representatives aiding and abetting the cause. One gets the sense that Greenpeace hired the journalists for the very purpose of high powered promotion.
“Chilly attitude towards suffering humanity”
Today the Mail Online has a story that is also highly critical of the environmental organization. It writes that the international organization “has a  decidedly chilly attitude towards suffering humanity. It has led a campaign to harass and frustrate ‘the Golden Rice Project’, a not-for-profit scheme backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation“. The Mail writes regarding Greenpeace’s overzealous opposition to the testing of gene modified foods (GMOs): “… it destroys such tests physically, thus showing its fundamental contempt for the scientific method”. In short: Luddites.
Now the reality and the gravity of the situation is dawning on the activists. They are in deep trouble. You can almost see what’s coming ahead: a process involving damning evidence, a harsh sentence, followed by tears and sadness, then by anger and rebellion – and maybe later a hunger strike. That will all pass, however. And after a year or two of deep reflection and thought in their cells, many will probably realize that they indeed had been on an out-of control path and that they had it coming. After a couple of years of good behavior, they’ll be back out on their feet- very likely a whole lot wiser and far less naïve about the world-saving cause they had been indoctrinated with by Greenpeace and its directors.
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