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UN Climate Report Goes Bust: Even Media Fails to Promote: Top Scientists (including IPCC reviewers) Condemn IPCC Report as ‘Premeditated Murder of Science’ – ‘absurd’ – ‘political’ – ‘wrong’ – ‘dogmatic’ – ‘propaganda’ – ‘grossest misrepresentation of data’

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Award-winning Israeli Astrophysicist Dr. Nir Shaviv condemns the UN climate report: Rips ‘the absurdity of the new report — ‘IPCC authors are bluntly making more ridiculous claims as they attempt to fill in the gap between their models and reality’ — Shaviv: ‘The likely range of climate sensitivity did not change since the Charney report in 1979. In other words, after perhaps billions of dollars invested in climate research over more than three decades, our ability to answer the most important question in climate has not improved a single bit!’

Award-winning Israeli Astrophysicist Dr. Nir Shaviv: ‘The IPCC and alike are captives of a wrong conception’ – ‘The IPCC is still doing its best to avoid the evidence that the sun has a large effect on climate’

Award-winning Israeli Astrophysicist Dr. Nir Shaviv: ‘After perhaps billions of dollars invested in climate research over more than three decades, our ability to answer the most important question in climate has not improved a single bit!’ — ‘One reason for the lack of improved understanding could be incompetence of the people in the field’ — Shaviv: ‘The IPCC and alike are captives of a wrong conception’ — if the basic premises of a theory are wrong, then there is no improved agreement as more data is collected. In fact, it is usually the opposite that takes place, the disagreement increases. In other words, the above behavior reflects the fact that the IPCC and alike are captives of a wrong conception. This divergence between theory and data exactly describes the the situation over the past several years with the lack of temperature increase…under legitimate scientific behavior, the upper bound would have been decreased in parallel, but not in this case. This is because it would require abandoning the basic premise of a large sensitivity. Since the data requires a low climate sensitivity and since alarmism requires a large climate sensitivity, the “likely range” of climate sensitivity will remain large until the global warming scare will abate.’ — ‘A second important aspect of the present report is that the IPCC is still doing its best to avoid the evidence that the sun has a large effect on climate. They of course will never admit this quantifiable effect because it would completely tear down the line of argumentation for a mostly man-made global warming of a very sensitive climate.’

Al Gore: Media scared to death to use the word ‘climate’ — Condemns global warming news coverage as ‘pathetic’

MIT Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen: ‘The IPCC report is a political document’: ‘Each IPCC report seems to be required to conclude that the case for an international agreement to curb carbon dioxide has grown stronger’ — Lindzen: ‘As the discrepancies between models and observations increase, the IPCC insists that its confidence in the model predictions is greater than ever’ -‘Support of global warming alarm hardly constitutes intelligent respect for science’

UN IPCC Reviewer Dr. Don Easterbrook on IPCC report: ‘It isn’t science at all—it’s dogmatic, political, propaganda’ — ‘The IPCC report must be considered the grossest misrepresentation of data ever published’ — By Dr. Don J. Easterbrook, Professor of Geology, Western Washington University: ‘After all these years, IPCC still doesn’t get it—we’ve been thawing out from the Little Ice Age for several hundred years but still are not yet back to pre-Little Ice Age temperatures that prevailed for 90% of the past 10,000 years. Warming and cooling has been going on for millions of years, long before CO2 could have had anything to do with it, so warming in itself certainly doesn’t prove that it was caused by CO2.’

Forecasting Experts Expose UN IPCC’s Climate Models: ‘Our audit of the procedures used to create the IPCC scenarios found that they violated 72 of 89 relevant scientific forecasting principles’ — Kesten C. Green, University of South Australia, is the Director of J. Scott Armstrong, University of Pennsylvania, is editor of the Principles of Forecasting: ‘The IPCC and its supporters promote these scenarios as if they were forecasts. Scenarios are not, however, the product of evidence-based forecasting procedures.

Top scientists call into question UN’s global warming study – ‘Results have been politicized’ — ‘Der Spiegel also notes that only 3 out of 114 climate models could actually reproduce the 15-year lapse in warming. This fact was completely omitted from what the UN reported to policymakers and the public.’

‘Premeditated Murder of Science’: Climatologist Dr. Tim Ball says the UN IPCC’s 95% certainty is what happens when you have ‘premeditated science’ — Ball: ‘We’re heading toward what occurred around the year 1800. It was called the Dalton Minimum of low sunspot activities. We certainly are down to that in number of sunspots this year. That means the cooling will continue at least until 2030 and yet the government is preparing for warming, which is outrageous.’

UK Express: ‘The IPCC did not invite one single person who did not agree with its pre-decided obsession…This is not science’ — Before IPCC meeting in Stockholm, ‘a communiqué was issued declaring exactly the conclusion it would come to. This is not science. True science constantly probes, doubts, tests, investigates, examines and welcomes dissent. The IPCC did not invite one single person who did not agree with its pre-decided obsession. Nasty facts (such as the world ain’t getter warmer after all) were swept into oblivion’

Swiss News Magazine ‘Weltwoche’: ‘Skeptics On The Rise…No Trace Of Consensus In Climate Science’ — ‘The science is settled,’ Al Gore has been claiming for years. Yet there is absolutely no trace of consensus in climate science’

Flashback: SPECIAL REPORT: More Than 1000 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims – Challenge UN IPCC & Gore

Swiss News Weekly Delivers Massive Blow To UN IPCC: ‘Fortune Tellers, Not Scientists’ … ‘Skeptics On The Rise’: ‘The consensus among the climate scientists that had been cemented over the last decades, is cracking – or is even crumbling completely’ — ‘For a quarter of a century leading climate scientists have been warning of a dangerous global warming due to CO2 emissions. Now under Swiss leadership [Thomas Stocker] they publish a new report. It shows: The scientists were wrong.’ — ‘After 25 years many of the forecasts can indeed now be evaluated – the result for the IPCC is devatasting’

‘Political manipulation of a ‘scientific’ document’?! 10 Pages of UN IPCC Science Mistakes? ‘In Chapter 2 alone, the 52 authors are collectively responsible for 18 instances of scientific mistakes that now need fixing’ — Five days ago, the IPCC released its new, improved summary. Two days ago, it made draft versions of the 14 chapters public. One of the reasons these chapters are still in draft form is that changes now need to be made to them. Evidently, it wasn’t just the summary that was being messed with during that four-day meeting. In many cases the alterations were so substantial that the IPCC now says the text of nine of its 14 chapters needs to be re-visited…Entire paragraphs will be inserted, dates and numbers will be altered, italics will be added, and some material will simply disappear…The authors of Chapter 5 similarly made 11 scientific mistakes. And the authors of Chapter 11 made 21 scientific errors.’

Analysis: ‘Perhaps the most ridiculous graph in the IPCC AR5SPM is this one showing “decadal mean” temperature’ — ‘Why is the graph so bad? It’s hard to see why it is necessary to point this out.Firstly, it takes a graph with about 160 data points on it, and reduces this to just 16, effectively throwing away most of the data…he introduction of this graph into AR5, with no such graph in the previous reports, leaves the IPCC open to accusations of trying to “hide the decline” in warming this decade, though of course the levelling off is clear in the graph above, so the graph seems quite pointless.’

Monckton: Einstein changed the world in 30 pages — The IPCC bores it with 10,000

Judith Curry: Despite hysteric claims, IPCC models incapable of producing abrupt climate changeCurry: ‘The IPCC has high confidence that we don’t have to worry about any of the genuinely dangerous scenarios (e.g. ice sheet collapse, AMOC collapse) on timescales of a century. These collapses have happened in the past, without AGW, and they will inevitably happen sometime in the future, with or without AGW. Are the IPCC overconfident in their conclusions on these also?’

Bob Tisdale: UN IPCC ‘Still Delusional about Carbon Dioxide’ — ‘Climate models are so far removed from reality that they cannot be used to attribute global warming to natural processes or to human-induced factors and cannot be used for predictions of future climate based on projections of manmade greenhouse gases’ — ‘Amusingly, the [UN IPCC] uses climate models as “proof” that past global warming was caused by carbon dioxide emissions and that global temperatures will continue to warm in response to future CO2 emissions.The climate scientists’ unwavering belief that carbon dioxide drives global warming, despite the climate models clearly showing otherwise, is evidence of their delusions about CO2 or their need to misrepresent their models (for any number of reasons)’ — ‘Global sea surface temperatures warmed faster during the early 20th Century warming period of 1914 to 1945 than during the recent warming period of 1975 to (YTD) 2013.’

Analysis: Climate due to water cycle not carbon dioxide

Study finds global ocean warming has decelerated 50% over the past 50 years — 2012 paper published in Nature Climate Change

Good News: IPCC Cancels Planetary Emergency: UN IPCC now believes that in the 21st Century, Atlantic Ocean circulation collapse is ‘very unlikely,’ ice sheet collapse is ‘exceptionally unlikely,’ and catastrophic release of methane hydrates from melting permafrost is ‘very unlikely’

CLIMATOLOGIST PATRICK J. MICHAELS & CHIP KNAPPENBERGER: ‘Had the IPCC been more interested in reflecting the actual science rather than in preserving a quickly crumbling consensus, its Fifth Assessment Report would have been a much kindler and gentler document’ — ‘To make the IPCC projections of the evolution of the earth’s average temperature better reflect the latest scientific estimates of the climate sensitivity, it is necessary to adjust them downward by about 30% at the low end, about 50% at the high end, and about 40% in the middle.’

Listen Now: Full One Hour Interview w/ Climate Depot’s Morano on Mike Rosen Show: ‘A New Climategate! ‘UN IPCC Stands Accused of Misleading World Leaders & the Public – Did the IPCC ‘Fix the Facts’?Broadcast Oct. 2, 2013 on KOA radio. Radio Host Mike Rosen On Marc Morano: ‘You do get in more words per minute than any guest I have ever had on this show.’

0.00 Warming With A Signal To Noise Ratio of 0.00 Increases Scientists’ Confidence In Warming

Nicola Scafetta: Climate Models Used By IPCC Fail To Reproduce Decadal & Multidecadal Patterns Since 1850

Christopher Booker: Climate Scientists Are Just Another Pressure Group

Prof in NYTimes: Failure of climate models vs. reality not important since we use them to predict the future

Climatologist Dr. Tim Ball: IPCC: A Product of Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics Built On Inadequate Data

Swiss Journalist Predicts: ‘Climate Catastrophe Will Soon Be Forgotten’ Like All Other Environmental Scare Stories

Analysis: UN IPCC: If The Data Doesn’t Fit The Theory, Change The Data — ‘The IPCC in conjunction with NASA and NOAA has completely rewritten Earth’s history’ — In 1975, the National Academy of Sciences published this graph and warned of dramatic global cooling.

‘Policy-neutral’ IPCC SPM author Rowan Sutton: “All the evidence makes it clear that leaving the issue of climate change for future generations to deal with is a phenomenally high-risk option”

Sec. Of State John Kerry: ‘The absence of a concerted global commitment to address climate change is inviting catastrophe’

Warmists spin standstill in global warming by blaming oceans: ‘Ocean heat content is the buzzword du jour. The graph actually shows the number of times ‘ocean heat’ appears in a Google search of [warmist] ‘Skeptical Science’ for each year since 2006. From six mentions in 2007, we have reached a projected 166 for the whole of 2013 (125 as of today)’

Germany’s Der Spiegel Top Headline: ‘Contradictory Prognoses: Scientists Discover Discrepancies In UN Climate Report’ – ‘Renowned scientists now criticize the inconsistencies in the report. They aim 5 accusations at the IPCC’

Nuttercelli Says That Disastrously Failed Climate Models Were Spot On Accurate — Apparently the IPCC actually predicted no warming for the past 17 years and record snowfall, but just worded it incorrectly in a way which made it sound like they were saying the exact opposite.

Analysis: UN IPCC Forgets To Mention Spectacular Arctic Ice Growth — ‘You would think that at least one person among thousands of the world’s top climate experts would have noticed the fact that Arctic sea ice is back to 2006 levels. Particularly since the word Arctic appears several thousand times in their report’

‘This past summer was the coldest on record in the Arctic, and had the largest year over year increase in ice area on record’

3-min KSTP/ABC news video contrasts the IPCC report with Climate Change Reconsidered II featuring Heartland’s Joseph Bast

What Reuters Said About the IPCC’s 1995 Report — ‘A news clipping from 1995 – concerning an earlier IPCC report – was hilariously wrong’

Latest IPCC trick: widening uncertainty bands to make models look ok

‘The observations would appear to be well inside the extremely large grey bands which did not appear in the AR4 and which have the rather interesting feature of showing zero uncertainty in 1990. So, the question is: What are those bands?’

UN IPCC’s AR5 ‘Unprecedented’ Decadal Global Warming Claim Proven False By Latest Empirical Evidence — ‘After 7 years of research and billions of dollars on the ‘AR5’ report, the best that the IPCC can come up with is the thin gruel of “unprecedented” decadal warming, which when examined closely, is a false representation of the makeup, duration and the size of the anthropogenic component of modern warming. Since the last 15 years have proven that natural climate forces simply overwhelm the CO2 impact, the likelihood that modern decadal warming is more a result of natural (non-human) climate forces is the more probable ‘95% certainty’.

Watch Now: Prof. Roger Pielke Jr. On Extreme Weather — Debunks notion of a ‘new normal’ in weather — Dr David Whitehouse interviews Prof Roger Pielke Jnr on the topic of extreme weather, for GWPF TV.

Also watch Warmist Jennifer Francis interview where she claims increasing AGW trends in weather

Warmists: Shutdown preventing NOAA employees from interpreting IPCC report for media, policymakers

Analysis: ‘What could justify the increase in confidence from 90% to 95%, and it what sense has the evidence for human influence grown since AR4 was published in 2007?’ — Here are some things that have happened since 2007 that might have changed confidence: We’ve had another six years with no warming, that climate scientists failed to predict (in fact they predicted there would be a resumption of warming). Climategate showed the private doubts of climate scientists, plus journal-nobbling and data-withholding. Several new papers from mainstream climate scientists have acknowledged that there is an increasing inconsistency between models and observations. Yet confidence has increased and evidence grown?

Analysis: The UN ‘IPCC statement claiming very high confidence in decreasing snow cover is not true’ — ‘Picking cherries in the snow’

U.S. TV Networks report on UN IPCC report: CBS News airs ‘irresponsible’ claim about temperatures rising 212 degrees — ‘CBS aired a claim about temperatures rising “more than 200 degrees’

Flashback: Hollywood actor’s 2007 global warming film ‘The 11th Hour.” reportedly features physicist Stephen Hawking making the unchallenged assertion that ‘the worst-case scenario is that Earth would become like its sister planet, Venus, with a temperature of 250 [degrees] centigrade.’

Media huddles to re-hype global warming — Anger over allowing skeptical voices to be heard: Panel to convene to discuss whether or not they have ‘blown it

Meteorologist Art Horn: IPCC Is Very Confident That They Are Not Sure

Review paper finds global Medieval Warm Period was significantly warmer than today, when CO2 was ‘safe’

Warmists create climate of madness, literally — Weeping, vasectomy-craving weatherman just the latest: ‘We now live in a world where it’s fine for a grown man to cry over a modern fable like a child frightened by tales of witches and ghosts’

‘If climate data were a stock, now would be the time to SELL’

More from the get-a-vasectomy-to-prevent-hurricanes guy, Eric Holthaus: — ‘What makes the IPCC so important is simple: They are required to agree’ – – IPCC ‘confidently projected dire consequences should world governments fail to act’