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Watch Now: Canada’s Ezra Levant mocks Obama’s Keystone pipeline claims: ‘This president is the first president to make an international incident out of regular commerce – and to hold thousands of U.S. jobs hostage to rich environmental lobbyists’

Ezra Levant excerpt: ‘Is there anyone out there who would look at America’s source of oil imports –  the terrorists of Saudi Arabia;  the kleptocrats of Nigeria;  the thugs of Venezuela – and say that the most pressing national interest, something so important that it will be set off against thousands of American jobs, is that OPEC conflict oil has a few puffs of CO2 less than Canadian oilsands oil? Which isn’t even true in the case of Venezuela?

Is there any normal person who prefers to buy oil from terrorist central – aka the middle east – than from Canada? Well, Obama thinks that.’