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‘Kudos to Google for not shying away from Inhofe fundraiser’

Kudos to Google for not shying away from Inhofe fundraiser

Kudos to Google, which did not shy away from funding the fundraiser for Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe earlier this month, despite greenie protests. However, the global warming alarmists have not given up. According to this “environmental writer”, who cannot even spell the senator’s name correctly, there will be another action against Google:Despite protests from climate change activists and several Google shareholders, the fundraiser went on as scheduled this month, and Google representatives in D.C. refused to accept thousands of signatures the activists had collected on a petition. Undeterred, those activists are heading to Mountain View Wednesday to try again.–In the wake of recent revelations that Google, the Bay Area-based search engine giant, is supporting one of the most stubborn climate change denialists in the Senate, climate activists plan are planning a demonstration Wednesday at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View. Their message will be a poke at Google’s much-vaunted informal corporate credo: “Don’t Fund Evil.”The search engine and data collection giant, which had been a large investor in renewable energy development, was revealed early in July to be planning to host a fundraiser for Oklahoma’s Senator James Imhofe (R-Pleistocene), notorious for his denial of climate change science, as well as his general opposition to progressive sentiments, civil rights, net neutrality, and immigration reform, 

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