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South America in massive deep freeze

South America in massive deep freeze

“Unprecedented Cold For South America This Week.” “Cold is coming. A lot!”
Second pulse of cold air reaches Uruguay.
Very cold in coming days in Rio Grande do Sul, especially at the beginning of next week, warned Luiz Fernando Nachtigall on July 18. Intensive polar air will invade the Southern Cone. Cold is coming. A lot! Temperature lower than normal at the beginning of next week.
This is shown above the map generated from the data of the meteorological model operating in the United States (NOAA / NCEP). The center of South America will see the greatest anomaly.
Notice that the polar jet stream reaches the province of Buenos Aires. The temperature at the Ezeiza airport is at 9am only 5 ° C with rain and windy. In Montevideo, Carrasco Airport, was 16 º C. An automatic weather station particular near the Prado, in the Uruguayan capital, indicated temperature even lower with gusts of 65 km / h. The polar wave led to sharp and strong cooling.
The time now is unstable in the Capital and in most regions gaucho with record rainfall. The instability is the result of the approach of cold polar air from the south than meets the warmer air that arrived here yesterday in southern Brazil.
Remains the prospect of the third and most intense pulse polar air invade the Rio Grande do Sul during Sunday with brands frigid, windy, very low thermal sensation, black frost, frost and snow and perhaps other types of winter precipitation (graupel / freezing rain) in areas with lower altitude or even at sea level next week.
“Unprecedented Cold For South America This Week,” agrees Steven Goddard website.

10-Day Temperature Outlook
Temperatures as low as -15C in the tropics.
Thanks to Sergio, Bill Sellers and meteorologist Joe D’Aleo for this info

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