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Warmists to have sad grieving faces as Death Valley fails to break highest temperature on Earth from 100 years ago — Low CO2 Heatwave

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Heatwave is not that “historical” according to the National Weather Service. See: ‘Historical’ Heatwave Explained — ‘History is now five years’: National Weather Service: ‘We haven’t seen one like this for several years, probably the mid- to late 2000s’

Despite media and activists blaming global warming for heatwave, Arizona Summers Getting Cooler Since CO2 Hit 350 PPM  

Record lows still outpacing record highs for the first half of 2013 in the U.S. 

Reality Check: ’75% of the US is below normal temperatures this year’ – Despite current heatwave in the west 

Meanwhile there is Freak Cold In The Midwest 

It seems NOAA has ‘de-modernized’ the official Death Valley station to use older equipment to make a record more likely 

‘How can two stations less than 1/2 mile apart be so different? How can one set a new record and best it by two degrees while the other doesn’t?’ 

EPA Says That The Worst Heat Waves Occurred in The 1930s — According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the 1930s had (by far) the worst heatwaves in US history. ‘Heat waves occurred with high frequency in the 1930s, and these remain the most severe heat waves in the U.S. historical record’

 1936: Hottest And Coldest Months In US History – ‘February 1936 was the coldest month in US history. July 1936 was the hottest’ — ‘Thousands of people died from the heat that summer. The year was plagued with record heat, cold, drought, fires and floods’

The Arizona Heatwave Of 1974 – Peak Year Of The Global Cooling Scare — ‘From June 11 to July 6 1974, it was over 110F every day except for one. Temperatures reached 116F on 13 days. Peak temperature was 119F on June 23. 1974 was also the peak year of the global cooling scare, the worst tornado outbreak in US history, and the year Darwin, Australia was destroyed by a typhoon.’ 

‘Historical’ Heatwave Explained — ‘History is now five years’: National Weather Service: ‘We haven’t seen one like this for several years, probably the mid- to late 2000s’ 

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: ‘Media missing biggest weather story for nation!.Opposite last 3 years, major heart of summer cool in heartland!’ 


‘Death Valley high yesterday 125. Still nothing predicted near the 134, which occurred 100 years ago. 5-7 day window, then some cooling’


Arizona Summers Getting Cooler Since CO2 Hit 350 PPM


Heat Wave Hype: ‘In July 1913, they hit 134 F – during a week which averaged 129F for the high. The only world record is the amount of nonsense being repeated by the press over every weather event’


Alaska heat wave follows the longest snow season in recorded history


Death Valley Was Hotter During The Coldest Years Ever — ]Hansen says that 1906-1915 was the coldest decade ever. Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis: Analysis Graphs and Plots During that super-duper cold time, Death Valley set the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth. From July 8 to July 14, 1913