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Climate Depot’s rebuttal to climate change/national security claims — Carbon taxes, UN treaties & cap-and-trade will not prevent wars!

Climate Depot’s reaction to the latest rounds of climate change and national security claims. [For latest claims, see NYT article: CIA commissioned study by National Research Council claims: ‘Climate change is accelerating, & it will place unparalleled strains on American military & intelligence agencies’] Climate Depot Round Up Counters global warming/war claims: New study: Global […]

Hurricane expert Dr. Bill Gray & team of scientists tell Congress: ‘Global warming that has not actually occurred can scarcely have contributed much to vast devastation wrought by Sandy’

Climate Depot Exclusive The Honorable Fred Upton Chairman Committee on Energy & Commerce The Honorable Ed Whitfield Chairman Subcommittee on Energy & Power U.S. House of Representatives 2125 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515 11 November 2012 From Professor Fred Singer and others Dear Chairman Upton and Chairman Whitfield: The recent election should be […]