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Physicist: ‘Climate hysteria in presidential debates RIP (1988-2008)’ — ‘The ‘soft landing’ is a natural form of slow death for this opportunistic, frequently mutating disease of mankind’

Motl excerpt:

At the same moment when the climate insanity dropped from the top U.S. presidential politics, some journalists and activists claim that a majority of Americans – perhaps up to 70 percent – endorse the talking points defining the global warming doctrine. The only problem with this claim is that the study backing it wasn’t prepared by a credible polling agency but rather by the hired guns at Yale’sDepartment for Climate Hysteria and General Environmentalist Propaganda – the “faculty” at that place includes people like porn writer and train dispatcher Rajendra Pachauri and others. So you may be pretty sure that this “study” has nothing to do with the reality and the candidates know it very well.