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NYU Bioethicist S. Matthew Liao again suggests ‘voluntarily’ medicating the public and shrinking humans to make them care more about global warming


Watch October 19, 2012 video interview of Laio here.

Background on Prof. Laio:

Meet the Man Who Wants to Engineer a Master Climate Race?! NY University Prof. Matthew Liao: Humans should be genetically engineered to combat global warming — [email protected]

NYU Bioethicist Prof. Liao on Eating meat: Seeks to ‘Make ourselves allergic to those proteins…unpleasant reaction…The way we can do that is to create some sort of meat patch’ — ‘Kind of like a nicotine patch where you put it on before you go to dinner go out to restaurant and this will curb your enthusiasm for eating meat’

Be Afraid, Very Afraid! Prof. Liao wants to drug the public to make them more compliant with his ideology. ‘Pharmacological enhancement’: ‘Test subjects given the posocial hormone oxytocin were more willing to share money with strangers…Also, a noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor increased social engagement and cooperation’

Master Climate Race: NYU Bioethicist S. Matthew Liao: ‘If you can give something like oxytocin to people, then maybe they’ll be more willing to cooperate, to care more about the environment’

Liao ‘also said taking drugs like Ritalin to enhance cognition may help with the global population problem, since there’s a link between cognitive ability and lower birthrate.’

Liao’s ‘human engineering’ co-author Anders Sandberg: ‘People seem to assume we are some kind of totalitarian climate doomsters who advocate biotechnological control over people’ — Co-author Rebecca Roache: ‘Our normally unflappable bioethicist colleagues were shocked by the idea of human engineering, so the wider public was bound to find it ghastly’

Prof. Liao upset about ‘a torrent of outrage and abuse was being directed towards him online…terms such as ‘eugenics’, ‘Nazis’ and ‘eco fascists’ were quickly being bandied around’ — ‘Human engineering’: ‘The modifications discussed included: giving people drugs to make them have an adverse reaction to eating meat; making humans smaller via gene imprinting and “preimplantation genetic diagnosis”; lowering birth-rates through “cognitive enhancement”; genetically engineering eyesight to work better in the dark to help reduce the need for lighting; and the “pharmacological enhancement of altruism and empathy’

Warmist Bill McKibben rejects ‘Bioethics’ Prof. Liao’s master race: ‘Worst climate change solutions of all time — I’m with @climatedepot on this one’

Analysis of Prof. Liao: ‘Why pull punches when it comes to saving Mother Earth: If men are bad for the planet, why not suggest getting rid of the bearers of Y chromosomes?’

Flashback 1984: Futurist Graham Molliter in article on how to feed an allegedly overpopulating world envisioned ‘an outer-limits scenario: using genetic engineering to produce smaller people–who need less food’

Read now: Prof. Liao’s personal blog: Liao brags that ‘Drudge Report also has a link to the interview’ on his new paper

On Liao’s blog, he asks for volunteers for ‘open peer commentaries’ on his Brave New World paper on ‘human engineering’ (accepts blog comments)

NYU Prof. S. Matthew Liao of Center for Bioethics promotes ‘solution of human engineering. It involves the biomedical modification of humans to make them better at mitigating climate change’ — ‘We shall argue that human engineering potentially offers an effective means of tackling climate change…the possibility of making humans smaller. Human ecological footprints are partly correlated with our size…a more speculative and controversial way of reducing adult height is to reduce birth weight…Pharmacological enhancement of altruism and empathy…could increase the likelihood that we adopt the necessary behavioral & market solutions for curbing climate change’

Former Harvard U. Physicist Dr. Lubos Motl Compares NYU Prof. Matthew Liao to the Nazis: ‘It only differs from the most perverse medical plans during Nazi era by one detail’ — Motl: ‘I am totally disgusted by this stuff and by the fact that NYU & Oxford harbor scumbags…It only differs from the most perverse medical plans during the Nazi era by one detail: the Nazis at least wanted to create a race that had some qualities according to some rather sane criteria (well, in some cases, at least). Instead, Mr Liao and his thugs want to exterminate the mankind as we know it and create a sea of short stinky junk losers similar to themselves’