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Climatologist Dr. John Christy demolishes warmists’ claims in testimony to Congress: ‘Extreme events, like the recent U.S. drought, will continue to occur, with or without human causation’

John R. Christy, PhD Alabama State Climatologist The University of Alabama in Huntsville House Energy and Power Subcommittee 20 September 2012 For full text of testimony see here. & Full Hearing transcript here: Selected Excerpts: To put it simply, Andreadis and Lettenmaier (2006) found that for the Midwest, “Droughts have, for the most part, become […]

Climatologist Dr. John Christy: ‘Oil & other carbon-based energies are simply the affordable means by which we satisfy our true addictions – long life, good health, plentiful food…’

Christy: ‘Rising CO2 emissions are one indication of poverty-reduction which gives hope for those now living in a marginal existence without basic needs brought by electrification, transportation and industry. Additionally, modern, carbon-based energy reduces the need for deforestation and alleviates other environmental problems such as water and deadly indoor-air pollution. Until affordable and reliable energy […]