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Penn State ‘Climate Ethics’ Prof. Donald Brown says skeptics are guilty of a ‘new crime against humanity’ for delaying action on global warming — ‘It is really evil stuff. It is nasty’


“Climate Ethics” Prof. Donald Brown of Penn State University declared that skeptics may be guilty of a “new crime against humanity” for causing a 25 year delay in acting to stop climate change.

Brown, who appeared alongside Climategate professor Michael Mann at a Penn State forum on April 30, 2012, slammed what he termed the “disinformation campaign.”

Watch Video of Brown and Mann here. (Brown’s comments on Climate Depot begin around 23:00 and his “new crimes against humanity” remark are around 24:50 mark – H/T to Tom Nelson)

Brown also unloaded on Climate Depot for posting his email address ([email protected]) and he lamented the tactics and the impact of climate skeptics.

Brown: “Unfortunately there are consequences [for skepticism] — we’ve lost 25 years. This is not disinformation. I think we should encourage a conversation whether this is some kind of new crime against humanity. It is really evil stuff. It is nasty. It has profound consequences for people in Africa , small developing states. and the U.S. virtually standing alone has failed to act on climate change and this is why, I think.” [Climate Depot note: It is climate “solutions” that have profound consequences for people in Africa! See: The UN is saying to poor countries: ‘Those of you who adopt more anti-prosperity, anti- jobs, and anti-growth policies, we will enrich you’]

Brown appeared at a forum at Penn State’s University Park Campus. The forum included Penn State professors Michael Mann, Donald Brown, Janet Swim and Rick Schuhmann, and graduate student Peter Buckland. The title of the forum was “Changing the Moral Climate on Climate Change,” a talk that “focused on climate change denial.”

Brown singled out Climate Depot for its role as part of the alleged “new crime against humanity.”

“Probably the most troubling tactic at all. Cyber bullying. [Climate Depot] puts my picture and my personal email and within 48 hours you get hundreds of really nasty [emails] – some of them are up here, death threats, hate mail,” Brown said.

“Pure and pure, out and out intimidation. It’s really nasty, it’s pure intimidation,” Brown added.

Watch Video here.

This is not the first time Prof. Brown has attacked Climate Depot. See: Warmist Climate ‘Ethics’ Prof. Donald Brown Trashes Climate Depot’s Morano: ‘Morano’s tactics are reprehensible…This must be understood as sheer intimidation’

Climate Depot note: Posting publicly available emails is “intimidation.” Not quite. Here is intimidation: ‘Execute’ Skeptics! Shock Call To Action: ‘At what point do we jail or execute global warming deniers’ — ‘Shouldn’t we start punishing them now?’

Also, here is a sample of some of the hate mail Climate Depot regularly receives. See: “I really hope you are someday put on trial before a world tribunal on charges of ‘crimes against humanity’. I hope they hang you and the rest of the stooges for the fossil fuel industry. You are an evil little f***…”

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