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Climate Depot Round Up on Richard Muller: Scientists trashing Muller’s work…Muller stands accused of being ‘front man for geoengineering org.’ — Muller Responds to Climate Depot’


[Climate Depot, serving the public interest, continues it’s coverage of Richard Muller of Berkeley’s BEST temperature project]

Scientists Trashing Muller’s work: Peter Thorne of NCDC: ‘The Berkeley team had been ‘seriously compromised’ by publicizing its work before publishing any vetted papers’

Muller calculating his scientific claims?! ‘He basically destroys the reputation & research of most of [AGW’s] most notable super stars & yet he believes the science they promote is sound — amazing![email protected] Muller’s alleged ‘skeptical’ climate quotes manufactured?! ‘On one hand he says that virtually all the science flowing from IPCC and various proponent organizations is shoddy, yet he believes that the science that underpins it which is product of those same individuals and organizations is accurate’

Richard Muller Stands Accused: ‘He is the front man for a geoengineering organization…which claims theirs is the only means of controlling the earth’s temperature’: ‘So they employ Dr. Muller to rubbish all the carbon control proposals — which he ably does’

Background on Muller’s BEST project: ‘Who is Novim and why are they messing with the Earth’s Temperature update?’ — Muller’s Berkley Earth Surface Group is part of the Novim Group…they are very much into Geo-Engineering: ‘Novim’s Exec Dir. Ditmore: ‘We’re running out of time’ — ‘The Berkley Earth Surface Group is not without an agenda’

Muller’s scientific work failing the grade?: ‘Even [warmist Kevin] Trenberth isn’t too sure about it’: Trenberth is ‘highly skeptical of the hype and claims’ surrounding Muller’s effort and claims the team does ‘not the expertise required in certain areas, and purely statistical approaches are naive’

Scientist Ridicules the Muller Con: ‘I forecast Muller will continue to play role of neutral observer, & will continue to shock us with revelations that climate change is ‘worse than he expected’ accuses Climate Depot of a ‘character assassination’ of Richard Muller — Salon: Based on attack on Muller ‘currently splashed all over the prominent skeptic site, Marc Morano’s Climate Depot, Richard Muller has a long way to go before he makes any new friends in the skeptic community’

NYT’s Andrew Revkin joins Climate Depot in posting email addresses! Revkin: ‘In Marc’s tradition of providing email addresses of his subjects, here’s his: [email protected]

Muller responds to Climate Depot via NYT’s Revkin: ‘Muller, reacting after receiving an attack e-mail from Marc Morano of Climate Depot’ — Muller: ‘In the olden days, people would have checked with me before accusing me of wrongdoing. The pressure to be the first to blog is apparently winning’

Climate Depot Response to Muller: ‘On the contrary, remarkable restraint occurred in holding off exposing your views and the BEST Project’ — On 3-23-11, Climate Depot wrote in group email: ‘This whole [Muller] project has to be a set up to screw skeptics. Who disputes warming has taken place? Why have we allowed Muller to set up a straw man argument to take cheap shots at skeptics? It appears Muller is incapable of running this project. He has allowed leaks, media distortions, allowed Romm to publicly hijack project and Muller remains silent’

Richard Muller Demonstrates That UHI (Urban Heat Island) Contaminates The Temperature Record: ‘Satellite data is measured at 14,000 feet, and would exaggerate the warming if it was due to ‘global warming.’ However, we see the exact opposite. The only plausible explanation is that the surface record is biased by UHI effects, because thermometers are located where humans live, build roads, remove snow, heat their homes, build buildings, etc.’

Hiding The Decline In Illinois: Berkeley’s Muller says the surface temperature record is golden but ‘USHCN has created a rise by subtracting from older temps and adding to newer temps’

Climatologist Pielke Sr.: ‘Is There A Sampling Bias In The BEST Analysis Reported By Richard Muller?’: Muller’s ‘sampling is still biased if a preponderance of his data sources comes from a subset of actual landscape types. The sampling will necessarily be skewed towards those sites…unresolved issues, including a likely systematic warm bias, remains in the analysis of long term surface temperature trends’

Muller claims ‘that existing work by NOAA, NASSA & Had CRU is excellent. So why set up a new study to compete with them?’ – ‘Left unsaid in all this is the group behind BEST, Novim’ [email protected] Revealing quote from warmist at heart Muller: ‘I you believe we can get a favor from God by praying, I suggest you pray that cloud cover will kick in because if my evaluation is right when I show you what the problem is and if the global warming models are right, and I think they are very likely right, then we are going to have global warming’

More background on Richard Muller’s BEST project:

Richard Muller’s Temperature Project Aptly Termed The ‘Berkeley Scam’ —
[email protected] — Muller’s team ‘are completely unbiased and open minded, though they have already determined (ahead of their neutral study) that global warming is the most serious problem in the world’

Climatologist Roger Pielke Sr. Slams Richard Muller’s ‘contradictory statements’[email protected] — ‘All Muller’s study has accomplished so far is to confirm that NCDC, GISS and CRU honestly used the raw observed data as the starting point for their analyses. This is not a surprising result…The uncertainties and systematic biases remain unexplored so far by Richard Muller…Muller and his colleagues have not yet examined these concerns, yet chose to report on his very preliminary results at a House Hearing’

He can’t get basic temperature data correct?! ‘Muller’s graph appears to be incorrect’ — Richard Muller Claims 1C Warming Since 1977 — ‘But HadCRUT shows about half of that’

From BEST To WORST In D.C. Minute: Berkeley Scientist’s Promise of Transparency Becomes Vaporware

Muller Exposed: ‘I was disheartened by the testimony of Richard Muller…he has totally destroyed any credibility he might have had with me’[email protected] — Muller is ‘a man driven by a very serious agenda, a man who doesn’t check his work and who pays insufficient attention to facts in testimony’

‘GOP asked Richard Muller the wrong questions. Warming is miniscule, and the little warming we have seen isn’t primarily due to CO2’

What Richard Muller Isn’t Saying: ‘Most of the warming in his graph occurred after PDO shift in 1977’ — ‘The rate of warming is below low end of projections. In other words, a don’t care’

Meteorologist D’Aleo: Berkeley’s Muller goes to Washington and another misleading statement by NOAA CCSP author Thorne

Prof. Richard A. Muller’s testimony: ‘According to IPCC report (2007), the human component became apparent only after 1957, and it amounts to ‘most’ of the 0.7 degree rise since then’ — ‘I believe that some of the most worrisome (temperature) biases are less of a problem than I had previously thought’

Other Scientists Testifying at Congressional Hearing:

Warmist Prof. Kerry A. Emanuel warns of future wars over global warming! ‘Uncertainties are reflected in climate projections, which at present range from benign to catastrophic’ — Emanuel: ‘I am appalled at the energetic campaign of disinformation being waged in the climate arena…the U.S. helped the world confront such global problems as fascism and communism. As a citizen, I hope that my country will once again rise to the challenge and assume leadership in this arena too’

Skeptical Testimony: UN IPCC’s Dr. John Christy: ‘UN IPCC Lead Author working with a small cohort of scientists, misrepresented the temp record of the past 1000 years’ — Christy: ‘UN IPCC Lead Author’s (L.A.’s) have virtually total control over the material and behave in ways that can prevent full disclosure of the information that contradicts their own pet findings and which has serious implications for policy in the sections they author…I saw a process in which L.A.s were transformed from serving as Brokers of science to Gatekeepers of a preferred point of view’


Skeptical Testimony: Forecasting Expert Prof. J. Scott Armstrong audited IPCC’s temperature forecasting procedures and found they ‘violated 81% of the 89 relevant forecasting principles’ — The warmists ‘argument for predictive validity is based on their claim that nearly all scientists agree with forecasts…errors for IPCC model long-term forecasts were 12.6 times larger than ‘no change’ model…’We have identified 26 historical alarmist movements. None of forecasts for alarm proved correct. In the 25 alarms that called for gov’t intervention, gov’t imposed regulations in 23. None of 23 interventions was effective and harm was caused by 20 of them’