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Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer weighs in on Kevin Trenberth’s legacy of political ‘science’

[Note: For updates on the Trenberth scandal, see here.] Related Links: NEW SCANDAL: Trenberth, the P-word? Steve McIntyre on ‘Trenberth and Copygate’ — ‘Some of Trenberth’s most objectionable language was lifted verbatim from an article in nature earlier this year’ — Say it ain’t so!? ”Kevin Trenberth’s entire paragraph is actually word-for-word identical to the […]

Oh My! 2010 tied for ‘hottest’ year?! Relax, it is ‘purely a political statement’ — Even NASA’s Hansen admits it is ‘not particularly important’ — Prof. mocks ‘hottest decade’ claim as ‘a joke’

  Climate Depot Editorial There they go again. The global warming establishment and the media are crowing about 2010 being in a tie for the “hottest year” ever. Everyone from Senator John Kerry to Joe Romm are screaming that this is “proof” the planet is burning up in a Co2 induced hell — and it’s […]