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Watch Now: Climate Depot’s Morano on Fox News on Splattergate: ‘The global warming fear promoters are in desperation right now. Their idea to get attention was to blow up school kids’

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly interviewed Marc Morano, executive editor and chief correspondent for, a group of global warming skeptics, to assess that group’s reaction to the mini-film.

Morano explained, “The global warming fear promoters are a desperate group. President Obama has failed them, the United Nations has failed them, the Senate is failing them, the public has failed them…they needed to do something to get attention…in as gory and disgusting a manner as possible, and it spectacularly backfired.”

Morano continues that the mini-film “expresses a very deep sentiment in their movement of wanting to get rid of and silence global warming skeptics.” He adds that it “has been an actual intellectual strain to silence skeptics,” such as when Grist Magazine called for Nuremberg-style trials for global warming skeptics.

Morano sees the mini-film as a rallying cry to action, with the potential to incite violence. “Global warming fear promoters have used intimidation,” he notes. For example, UN officials have called it “criminally negligent” and “morally irresponsible” not to believe in man-made global warming.

According to Morano, the British government has used taxpayer dollars to help fund the “10:10” project. Additionally, the group has been funded by major corporations, including Sony and Kyocera, as well as environmental groups.

Awaiting the reaction from the group’s sponsors, Morano concludes, “Let’s hope eco-snuff films aren’t the future here.”

10:10 film, Gillian Anderson