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Faith-Based Climate Astrology: Women hit by global warming head to Capitol Hill: ‘We have freezing temps when we shouldn’t have freezing temps’


Climate Depot Editorial

Reuters has a fascinating story that illustrates just how absurd and desperate man-made global warming “science” and claims have degenerated.

The March 8, 2010 Reuters article by Environmental Correspondent Deborah Zabarenko, is entitled “Women hit by climate change head to Capitol Hill.” The article quotes women from the developing nations of Peru and Uganda blaming every weather related calamity on man-made global warming.

“Nature is disrupted,” Marisa Marcavillaca of Peru said through a translator. “It rains when it shouldn’t rain. We have freezing temperatures when we shouldn’t have freezing temperatures. Because our yields are down, it is difficult to feed our children.”

The Reuters article continued: “We didn’t know what was happening,” [Constance Okollet of Uganda] said, wiping away tears at the memory. “We blamed God.” When the floods returned in 2009, with “drastic rain,” hailstorms and wind, destroying schools, contaminating the water supply and disrupting planting seasons, Okollet learned that human activities are one cause of climate change. The floods were followed by a eight-month drought.

“We want reduced emissions,” she said. “Let them have some plans for adaptation so that we get our seasons back.”

End Reuters Article Excerpt.

Sadly, scientific tripe like this are now going mainstream during the waning days of the man-made global warming fear movement. Events which used to be called “acts of God” or Mother Nature, are now being blamed on mankind’s emissions of a trace essential gas (CO2) in the atmosphere that we exhale from our mouths.

‘Climate Astrology’ Takes Hold

Here are two scientists who have accurately described this faith based climate “science”:

Japanese scientist Kanya Kusano, a Program Director and Group Leader for the Earth Simulator at the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology, has publicly declared that man-made climate fear promotion is now akin to “ancient astrology.”

Mathematical physicist Dr. Frank J. Tipler, Professor of Mathematical Physics, astrophysics, at Tulane University, agrees with Kusano. “Whether the ice caps melt, or expand — whatever happens — the AGW theorists claim it confirms their theory. A perfect example of a pseudo-science like astrology,” Tipler wrote on May 15, 2009. “It is obvious that anthropogenic global warming is not science at all, because a scientific theory makes non-obvious predictions which are then compared with observations that the average person can check for himself,” Tipler explained.

“As we know from our own observations, AGW theory has spectacularly failed to do this. The theory has predicted steadily increasing global temperatures, and this has been refuted by experience. NOW the global warmers claim that the Earth will enter a cooling period,” Tipler wrote.

‘Medieval mystics…Palm readers and fortune tellers’

Scientist Dr. Doug Hoffman mocked warming predictions: “The whole enterprise is reminiscent of Medieval mystics claiming to predict the future while spouting gibberish,” Hoffman, a mathematician and engineer, who worked on environmental models and conducted research in molecular dynamics simulations, wrote on October 13, 2009. “Palm readers and fortune tellers stand as good a chance as any in this game,” Hoffman added.

Even religious leaders have recognized the scientific transition to paganism. See: Catholic Cardinal George Pell in 2006: ‘In the past, pagans sacrificed animals and even humans in vain attempts to placate capricious and cruel gods. Today they demand a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions’

Here are some prime examples of this perversion of science now known as “climate astrology.”

A July 2009 article in reported: “The Karimojong [in Uganda] blame the spell of calamities like drought and disease to the “angry gods”. The article from goes on to explain: “Little do they know that their area is suffering the consequences of a larger problem, climate change.” Okay. Thanks. Imagine leaving people so in the dark that they believe “angry gods” are causing bad weather, when the answer is so simple, it’s mankind’s emission of a trace essential gas!

Even the U.S. President is a practicing “climate astrologer.” Yes, Obama has also engaged in pagan-style efforts with Western leaders to turn down the Earth’s thermostat. See: We’re Saved?! Politicians at UN Announce They Will Control Earth’s Thermostat! Climate Deal ‘sets a cap on worldwide temp increases at no more than 2°C’ and see: Climate Depot’s Morano: G8 Leaders embrace ‘climate astrology’ – Trying to control Earth’s thermostat is ‘madness of our age’ – July 10, 2009

See: Controlling Nature? Obama backs ‘historic breakthrough’ in G8 climate talks – ‘Agree to goal of keeping the world’s temps from rising more than 2C’ – July 9, 2009

Princeton Physicist: ‘The idea that Congress can stop climate change is just hilarious’ – Warns of ‘climate change cult’ – July 8, 2009

This begs the question: Which is more plausible? Ugandans blame drought and disease on the ‘angry gods’ or More ‘Educated’ Western Leaders blame SUVs and ‘cell phone chargers?!’ – July 8, 2009

Sadly, many have attempted to control the uncontrollable. See: Czech President Vaclav Klaus: Attempting to ‘control climate’ is as ‘irrational, arrogant and pretentious as communist planning that people like me were objects of for so many years’ -March 08, 2010

To get an idea of how absurd the global warming “madness of our age” has morphed, see:

‘Naked Girls plow parched fields in a bid to embarrass weather gods to bring badly needed monsoon rain’ – ‘Chant ancient hymns after sunset to invoke the gods’ in India – July 24, 2009 [Editor’s Note: The ‘naked’ farm girls attempt to control the climate is as plausible as President Obama’s G8 Pledge to limit the Earth’s Temps. In fact, Climate Depot votes for the “naked farm girls” to have a much better chance of succeeding than Obama and the G8 leaders.]

Kenya’s rainmakers — using trees, pots and herbs — called to combat climate change – – ‘Kenya’s Nganyi rainmakers [have] long vilified as sorcerers…the magic of their art involves the sacrifice of animals and libations in secret forest shrines…” – September 20, 2009 [Editor’s Note: Once again, as plausible as Obama’s G8 temperature pledge. In fact, Climate Depot votes for the ritual animal sacrifices and “libations” of Kenya’s rainmakers to have a much better chance of succeeding than Obama and the Western G8 leaders.]

Prayers offered to appease rain god…people of different faiths offered special prayers to propitiate rain god’ – The Hindu – June 26, 2009

Now, quite simply anything that happens can be blamed on man-made global warming! The warming fear pushers have now sunk to the level of blaming prostitution on man-made global warming. Your daughter becomes a hooker, blame global warming!

Claim: Global warming causing women to become hookers in Africa! Excerpt: ‘Women in her village are turning to prostitution because they can no longer make enough money from farming’ due to changing climate – Oct. 5, 2009

UN Official: ‘Climate change pushes poor women to prostitution’ – November 19, 2009 Suneeta Mukherjee, country representative of the United Nations Food Population Fund (UNFPA), said women in the Philippines are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change in the country. Excerpt: “Climate change could reduce income from farming and fishing, possibly driving some women into sex work and thereby increase HIV infection,” Mukherjee said during the Wednesday launch of the UNFPA annual State of World Population Report in Pasay City.”

If you are former Vice-President Al Gore, you can now claim man-made global warming is ‘causing heavier downfalls of both rain and snow’, never mind the fact that his 2006 movie “An Inconvenient Truth” never once warned of coming blizzards or record cold. (For counter see: Gore’s February ‘Un-Truths’: No increase in moisture content…a definite declining trend over the last 60 years – the opposite of what Al Gore claims’)

Climate activists are also now nakedly promoting climate astrology. See: Tarot Cards for ‘Climate Astrology’: Natural Resources Defense Council: ‘Unusual amounts of snow or lack of snow are all signs of global warming’ & See: Climate astrology unhinged: Too much rain and ‘lengthy droughts’ blamed on man-made global warming

Former Clinton Admin. Official Joe Romm, promoted faith-based scientific rubbish when he linked the bridge collapse in Minnesota to man-made global warming – August 7, 2007 (See follow up: Design failure (not CO2) evidently behind Minneapolis bridge collapse)

One of the more outlandish climate astrologers in high office is Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan. See: Climate Touchy-Feely: Dem Sen. Stabenow: ‘Global warming creates volatility. I feel it when I’m flying. The storms are more volatile’

Residents of the developing world are being told that virtually any calamity or misfortune that befalls them can be traced back to the wealthy Western world’s emissions of CO2. Generations of developing nations residents are being taught a perverted science emanating from an environmental movement and a United Nations that has truly become a scientific laughingstock.

Even mainstream news outlets are mocking global warming claims now. See: Shock: Wash. Post’s Milbank: ‘In DC’s blizzards, the greens were hoisted by their own petard…For years, activists have argued by anecdote…with claims bordering on the outlandish’ – Milbank: ‘They’ve blamed global warming for shrinking sheep in Scotland, more shark and cougar attacks, genetic changes in squirrels, an increase in kidney stones and even the crash of Air France Flight 447’

The notion that humans can control the thermostat and climate fluctuations of the Earth seems to have particularly infected President Obama.

President Obama seems so imbued with his ability to control climate that during the 2008 presidential campaign he prognosticated his presidency would be “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” (For latest scientific data refuting sea level rise fears see here.) President Obama has also claimed he can “block the Sun’s rays to end global warming.”

Sec. Chu, the Televangelist?

One of the biggest scientific laughingstocks when it comes to man-made global warming has turned out to be Obama’s Nobel Prize Winning Energy Secretary Stephen Chu. Chu has descended into a deep faith-based science without peer among cabinet officials. Chu now apparently believes “predictions” are some sort of “proof” or “evidence” of what the Earth will be like 100 years from now.

Chu told a conference in California his prognostication. “At no other time in the history of science have we been able to say what the future will be 100 years from now,” Chu, the soothsayer, declared according to a June 28, 2009 article in Palo Alto Online News.

See: Obama’s ‘Climate Astrologer’: Energy Sec. Chu claims he knows ‘what the future will be 100 years from now’ – June 28, 2009

Is science speaking into Sec. Chu’s ear and telling him of what the future holds? Chu has reduced his scientific expertise to that of a televangelist who claims he hears God speaking to him.

The question looms: Shouldn’t Sec. Chu be touting these scary predictions of the year 2100 on a boardwalk with a full deck of Tarot Cards? Imagine if a senior cabinet official in 1909 had stated he knows for certain what the climate and energy mix of the year 2009 will be. Any such cabinet official making such wacky statements would be laughed out of 1909 America, but in 2010 America, that same person gets some sort of odd scientific respect.

Perhaps Sec. Chu should find a new “religion” to publicly advocate. See: Aussie Geologist: Climate fear is ‘new religion for urban populations which have lost their faith in Christianity’ – ‘IPCC report is their Bible. Al Gore and Lord Stern are their prophets’ – July 8, 2009

Other’s in the Obama administration hold to similar faith-based astrological views. La Cosa Climate: Commerce Sec. Warns: Americans Need ‘To Pay’ Or Face Mother Nature’s Wrath — Pay up or face ‘floods, droughts and rising sea levels’ – July 17, 2009]

President Obama’s belief that he can control the climate is not unique. Primitive cultures embraced a kind of faith based “climate astrology.”

The question is, have we advanced as a modern society from old pagan rituals? The answer is ‘No’ when it comes to promoting man-made global warming fears. See: Climatologist: Modern belief that mankind controls climate ‘not that different from ancient civilizations making sacrifices to the gods of nature’

Salem Witch Trials during ‘Little Ice Age’: ‘Women suspected of being witches– were often accused of changing the weather’

Have we advanced? ‘Aztec priests encouraged people to sacrifice blood to the gods’ to end severe drought in 1450 – ‘Sacrificed thousands of people in a few weeks’

Climate Astrology: ‘Mass starvation’ – Global warming ‘WILL make growing seasons shorter, generating lower crop production’

Climate Astrologists: ‘Heatwaves, droughts, floods and storms WILL sweep across continents, killing millions and evicting millions more’

The Astrology of Climate Change

Congressional Weather-Makers: ‘Climate Astrologer’ Boxer warns of ‘droughts, floods, fires, loss of species’ — if Senate fails to pass climate bill – July 11, 2009

You may ask who are the modern human sacrifices of the “climate astrology” movement? The answer is unsettling. See:

Modern Human Sacrifices: Global Warming policies leading to ‘a new form of colonialism’: ‘The white wealthy western world is telling 1.6 billion people in developing world — predominantly of color — that they have to have their economies managed, their energy managed all because of climate fears’ – December 10, 2009

Modern Human Sacrifices Under Modern Climate Paganism:

Flashback 2002: U.S. Environmentalist Laments Introduction of Electricity in Africa

Flashback 2002: Jerry Brown says ‘it’s not viable’ for poverty stricken developing world to emulate prosperity of U.S.

Ugandan Activist: ‘African life span is lower than it was in U.S. and Europe 100 years ago. But Africans told we shouldn’t develop’ because wealthy Western nations are ‘worried about global warming’: Excerpt: ‘Telling Africans they can’t have electricity and economic development – is immoral’

Flashback 2003: S. African Activist: Poor countries should just say: ‘Go to hell’ to Wealthy Western Nations: ‘If you don’t want us to fill in our wetlands, then you bomb your big cities like Washington, a third of Holland and Rotterdam and so on, and restore them to being swamps’

Flashback 2002: UN Earth Summit’s Failure Called ‘Good Thing’ For Poor Nations: Excerpt: The first world became rich without the IMFs and World Banks, and the less of them that are around, the more likely the Third World is to do the same.”

It is a moral issue! – ‘People cannot cook’…Chad’s Global Warming Inspired Ban on Charcoal leads to ‘Desperate’ Families! – January 16, 2009

Poor Kenyans rebel as UK grocery store’s “carbon friendly” policies may stop food exports

India: ‘It is morally wrong for us to reduce emissions when 40% of Indians do not have access to electricity’

Report: ‘Green, UN, rich nation and African elites impose deadly anti-development colonialism’ – June 8, 2009

Greenpeace Leader: There is urgent need for the suppression of economic growth in U.S…’Lifestyle of the rich in the world is not a sustainable model’ – August 20, 2009

Flashback 2002: Average American Lifestyle Called “Total Bull—t” by Environmentalist – Excerpt: ‘If anyone in a developing country looks to the U.S. and wants a lifestyle like the average American–it’s total bull—t!’

Gore: U.S. Climate Bill Will Help Bring About ‘Global Governance’ – July 10, 2009

Former EU Environment Minister Margot Wallstrom: ‘Kyoto is about the economy, about leveling the playing field for big businesses worldwide’

‘Climate Justice…the underlying principle for global equity’

Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper once dismissed UN’s Kyoto Protocol as a ‘socialist scheme’

Flashback 2000: Actor Chevy Chase Says ‘Socialism Works’ — ‘Cuba might prove that’

Black clergymen protest Robert Redford ‘link his environmentalism to racism’

Obama Advisor Warren Buffett ‘repeats criticism of cap and trade, saying it would be a huge, regressive tax’

Wash. Post’s Moment of Clarity: In Poorer Nations, Energy Needs Trump Climate Issues – September 9, 2009 – Excerpt: Millions of people are eager to buy their first washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners…dearth of power hinders prosperity. […] Some environmentalists see a chance for Asian and African countries to take the lead in developing renewable energy technologies such as solar and wind power, bypassing Western energy models based largely on coal and oil. But many economic experts here are doubtful that will happen. “The United States and Europe have had the energy they needed to grow and develop,” said William Bissell, a prominent Indian entrepreneur and author of “Making India Work.” “But we haven’t had our 21st century yet.”

For an explanation as to why the man-made global warming fear movement has so spectacularly failed, we turn to Richard Lindzen.

MIT Climate Scientist: ‘Ordinary people see through man-made climate fears — but educated people are very vulnerable’ – July 6, 2009

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Global ‘Weirding’ Debunked: ‘Drought patterns at the global scale for the period 1950 to 2000, and found no evidence to support claims of increasing drought activity’

Obama blames record Dallas snow on global warming

Resident Astrologer: NYT’s Friedman: ‘Avoid the term ‘global warming.’ I prefer the term ‘global weirding’

Rare ABC News TV Debate: Climate Depot Vs. Center For Am. Progress — ‘UN IPCC was a political organization masquerading as a science group. It’s been exposed’Weiss: Blizzards are ‘consistent with what scientists had predicted’ — Morano Response: ‘It’s consistent with climate astrology, basically it’s a horoscope…You should be embarrassed’

Tarot Card Time — More Climate Astrology: Global warming causes an increase and a decrease in San Francisco fog

Golden-Gate-gate? San Fran’s Fog silliness

Pielke Jr.: ‘Consistent with being in a deep fog’ — ‘More fog is consistent with predictions of climate change. Less fog is consistent with predictions of climate change. I wonder if the same amount of fog is also “consistent with” such predictions? I bet

Global warming blamed for decreasing quality of beer

‘Global Warming Is Like Kevin Bacon, You Can Link Everything Back to It’

Claims Mocked: ‘Global warming is helping Taliban. The logic: temperatures rise, droughts continue, and lo and behold, people become suicide bombers’

TRASH TV: Gibson of ABC News claims: ‘Climate change may be giving a boost to the Taliban and to al Qaeda’

ABC’s Bill Blakemore’s new reporting low: ‘Rising temps are helping both heroin traffickers and their Taliban and al Qaeda supporters’

Climate Models Blown Away By Water Vapor: ‘The predictors of future climate disaster may as well be using tarot cards’

As believable as Energy Sec. Chu: UFO Prophet Warns of ‘Environmental Destruction’ in 2012 – ‘Foretells widespread catastrophic consequences of global warming’

Silly: Joe Romm at it again! Connects wilfires to global warming

Dem Congresswoman Blames ‘Global Warming’ for California Wildfires

Laughable claims: “We’ve never lost a national park before but global warming could change that’ – ‘Climate change will submerge Eastern national parks under rising oceans, melt Glacier National Park’s glaciers, kill Joshua Tree National Park’s Joshua trees; dramatically change face of Rocky Mountain National Park’

Monk warns: ‘As the world’s temp steadily soars, the temp inside our mind is also heating up rapidly’

Columnist: ‘The Branch Carbonian Cult’: Global warming movement ‘has taken on worrisome attributes of a pseudo-religious cult’ – ‘Operates far more on the basis of an apocalyptic ‘belief’ system than on objective climate science’

Is God protecting Fla. at Gov. Crist’s request?

Intense cold front that killed 20,000 alpaca in Peru blamed on…global warming!

Silly: Canadian politician says home flooding ‘is a reminder that climate change is real and that it will mean more severe weather’

Aussie Geologist: ‘Guilt about hypothetical global warming is a social pathology restricted largely to wealthy, middle class, western societies’ – ‘Astonishingly susceptible to ecoevangelistic propaganda about dangerous human-caused climate change’

Aussie Scientist: ‘Global Warming is Mass Mania of Our Times’ — ‘Doubt seen as conscious deliberate evil deserving expulsion or extermination’

Swiss seek Pope’s blessing to stop glacier melting