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Climate Depot’s TV Debate in Copenhagen: UK Warming Prof. falsely claims ‘5000 leading climate scientists’ in UN IPCC — Morano Counters: ‘You need to apologize and retract that immediately’


Watch Video of Sky News TV Debate here.

COPENHAGEN – A contentious live global warming debate took place in Copenhagen on UK’s Sky News TV on December 12 between Professor Mark Maslin of the University College London and Climate Depot’s Executive Editor Marc Morano.

During the debate, Professor Maslin erroneously asserted there are “5000 leading climate scientists” with the UN IPCC to support the claims of man-made climate fears. “None of the science has been actually changed. If you look at the [UN] IPCC report, 5000 leading climate scientists put together all the leading science together,” Maslin stated. [Professor’s Maslin’s email is: [email protected] ]

Climate Depot’s Morano countered: “Your idea that [there are] 5000 UN scientists – you need to apologize and retract that immediately. The biggest number you can come up with if you include [UN bureaucrats] and delegates is 2800.”

Professor Maslin, of the Department of Geography, interjected “Oh, absolute rubbish.” [Editor’s Note: Maslin also recently debated MIT climate scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen and Maslin claimed in this video clip that “There are very few (skeptics) and none are actually credible.”]

A frustrated Maslin also claimed that “every single intelligent person” listens to UN scientists and accepts that man-made global warming is a serious problem.

“I have been having this debate for the last 20 years, the key is that every single intelligent person, every key politician in the world, listens to the key scientists, they actually look at the data,” Maslin said. [Editor’s Note: Perhaps Professor Maslin is guilty of this: MIT Climate Scientist: ‘Ordinary people see through man-made climate fears — but educated people are very vulnerable’ – July 6, 2009]

Morano responded: Matt [anchor of Sky News TV], check out the claim of 5000 UN scientists — that is a bald face — error. The professor needs to retract it. There is no 5000 [UN IPCC climate scientists]. And interestingly a few days ago [Professor Maslin] said 4000 [UN scientists]. Why not just say 100,000? You gave it away sir when you said ‘key scientists’. It is a small cadre, only 52 UN scientists signed (a reference to the only 52 scientists who authored the media hyped 2007 IPCC Summary for Policymakers). Peer-reviewed studies are showing the [man-made climate] scare is ending.

[Editor’s Note: UN IPCC Chair Pachauri Only Claims HUNDREDS of UN IPCC Scientists?: ‘The body of evidence is the result of the careful and painstaking work of hundreds of scientists worldwide’ – December 8, 2009

Reality Check: Only 60 UN experts ‘explicitly supported the claim made by the IPCC that global warming represents a threat to the planet’

Numbers racket: ‘Remove the duplications and the total number of UN authors plus reviewers drops from 3,750 to 2,890’ – Nov. 16, 2009 – National Post

Yvo de Boer, executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Claims 2500 scientists

Don’t Miss this Report about UN IPCC Scientists Attacking IPCC’s Credibility and Ethics

Scientist Dr. William Schlesinger admitted in 2009 that only 20% of UN IPCC scientists deal with climate

UN IPCC Coordinating Author Dr. Philip Lloyd calls out IPCC ‘fraud’ — ‘The result is not scientific’ Nov. 23, 2009 – ‘The [UN IPCC] process is so flawed that the result is tantamount to fraud. As an authority, the IPCC should be consigned to the scrapheap without delay’]

Professor Maslin did not respond to Morano’s call for an immediate withdrawal and apology.

Maslin then lashed out at Morano. “Your ideas on the science are wrong, are completely false. You are actually spinning,” Maslin said.

Morano countered: “There are two appeals Professor Maslin has: Appeal to authority — the UN — which Climategate thankfully has exposed. And climate model ‘scares’ of what ‘could,’ ‘might, ‘may’ happen, based on speculative models which again violate the basic principles of forecasting, according to top forecasting experts.”

Watch Video of Sky News TV Debate here.

Professor Maslin also claimed “the science is very strong.” “If you’re Bangladesh and you are faced within the next 50 years of losing 20 percent of your country — imagine losing 20% of the whole of the US due to climate change,” Maslin asserted.

Morano countered, offering a head on rebuttal to Maslin’s claims.

“What professor Maslin is arguing is that these climate models should scare everyone. The climate models – which violate 71 (actually 72) out of 89 principles of forecasting according to the experts. Climate models that the UN says are not ‘predictions’, but merely ’emission scenarios’. Climate models that are used to fulfill a political narrative when real world data is failing,” Morano said. (See: Ivy League forecasting pioneer Dr. Scott Armstrong “Of 89 principles [of forecasting], the UN IPCC violated 72.” – January 28, 2009)

Sea Level is not showing the acceleration. The Royal Netherlands Meteorology Institute said this. One scientist said if sea level is rising due to global warming, no one has bothered to tell sea level,” Morano explained.

Maslin claimed that evidence for man-made climate fears was easy to find.

“You could actually take a supertanker from the Atlantic all the way to the Pacific for the first time in human history. Why do you not believe the science? Why suddenly are scientists lying to you?” Maslin asked Morano.

Morano responded: “Let’s go one at a time. The [Arctic] sea ice tanker — they used satellite monitoring [to aid direct its path], and they had Russian ice breakers breaking up the ice. [Editor’s note: See: ‘Arctic ships themselves were ‘ice-hardened’ to deal with ice…accompanied for most of the trip so far by one or two Russian nuclear icebreakers…was possible because satellite observation of ice cover’]

Morano continued: “[Since] 2007, we have now gained the size of one and a half Texas’s in the Arctic in the summer. Antarctic sea ice is at or near record sea ice extent. They had their record summer of sea ice extent [in 2009]. Why isn’t the professor talking about that?”

Morano added: “Yes, temps have been rising since the end of the Little Ice Age. That proves nothing. [An analysis in] the peer-reviewed journal Science had said the 20th century was not anomalously warm. You can’t get away with this professor, Climategate has shown it.”

When asked what he hopes comes out of Copenhagen, Morano responded: “I agree with NASA scientist James Hansen, a friend of Al Gore and one of the loudest promoters of global warming fears. Hansen hopes Copenhagen fails.”

Morano added the UN climate “solutions” were dangerous to the developing world’s poor because it meant that the economies of the poorer nations would essentially be managed by the UN and the Western world. “This is a form of neo-colonialism,” Morano said. “The developing world needs carbon based energy,” he added.

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