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Flashback 2006: Morano Debates IPCC’s Chairman Pachauri at UN Conference in Kenya

[More info on 2006 UN debate here. Video of Morano’s opening presentation during debate is here.] Associated Press: Spokesman for U.S. senator says global warming skeptics are ‘demonized’ – November 14, 2006 NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) – A spokesman for the U.S. senator who described global warming as a hoax showed up at a gathering of […]

Wash. Post’s Own Meteorologist Counters Paper’s Claims! ‘I wince when hearing…science is ‘settled’ — Climate ‘hysteria’ may be ‘another bubble waiting to burst’

  [Climate Depot’s Editor’s Note: The Washington Post’s Andrew Freedman has his hands full. After declaring on September 1, 2009, that “increasing climate change skepticism among the public is troubling” because “it flies in the face of most of the scientific evidence,” Freedman now faces a fellow Washington Post “Capital Weather Gang” member — Meteorologist […]