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UPDATE: ROMM BANS IPCC SCIENTIST!: – UN IPCC Scientist Rips Romm’s understanding of climate science; calls Romm ‘a blatant liar’

Update #3: Courtney Responds to being banned (But Romm did not post it): Courtney wrote to Romm:Your behaviour demonstrates that you are not only a liar. You are a charlatan, too.”


Update #2: Romm to Courtney: ‘You are banned…’


Update #1: Joe Romm responds to criticism and UN IPCC Scientist Richard Courtney fires back:

Romm Wrote to Courtney: “But it DOES say that. The underestimating, lowballing IPCC only projects the low range if we get OFF our current emissions path. Try reading the post before revealing your denier ignorance. The rest of your comment is snipped.”

Courtney Responded to Romm:
You like calling others names but seem to not like it when they respond.
The facts are what they are. The IPCC projections are what they are; i.e. a range of global temperature rise from 1990 temperatures of between 1.4 to 5.8°C by 2100.

I stated fact by quoting the IPCC projections. Your claiming that “science” says “we’re going to warm more than 4°C by century’s end” is a lie.

You lied (yet again) and now you try to excuse your lie. There can be no acceptable excuse.



[Original Note From Richard Courtney. A UN IPCC expert reviewer and a UK based atmospheric science consultant, who is featured on page 224 of the U.S. Senate Report of More Than 700 Dissenting Scientists Over Man-Made Global Warming.]

Courtney’s Email:

From: Richard Courtney
Sent: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 4:08 AM
To: Marc Morano
Subject: A posting to Romm

Dear Marc:

Your Climate Depot provides a link titled: “Climate Fear Promoter Joe Romm: ‘The tragic hubris of the climate action delayers'” by Joe Romm of Climate Progress.

I have posted a comment to that item and my comment is “awaiting moderation” at Romm’s website. (I suspect it will not appear).

I copy my comment below.

All the best



Mr Romm:

It seems that I owe you an apology.

In the above article you write:
“Many of these are people I’ve called the climate action delayers (CADs) — the folks who claim to believe in the science of global warming but obviously don’t, the folks who substitute their own opinion for an understanding of the actual science.”

And in the same article you write:
“On our current emissions path, we’re going to double CO2 concentrations not “during the course of the century” but almost certainly halfway through it — and we’re going to warm more than 4°C by century’s end:”

But “science” does not say that. Indeed, the extremist IPCC only says it “projects” a range of global temperature rise from 1990 temperatures of between 1.4 to 5.8°C by 2100.

So, I understand you to be claiming you are a climate action delayer (CAD).

The apology I owe you is that I failed to recognize you are a CAD and, therefore, I thought you were are a cad who is a blatant liar.


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