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New Study: Greenland not exceptionally warm now


Excerpted from Physicist Dr. Lubos Motl’s Website: The Reference Frame

Greenland not exceptionally warm now

Excerpt: Another new paper was just published in Journal of Climate. Jason Box, Lei Yang, David Bromwich, and Le-Sheng Bai wrote an article called Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Air Temperature Variability: 1840–2007: abstract, full paper (PDF) which discusses data from Greenland since 1840. No unprecedented recent warming is found. For example, they find that the 1919-1932 warming was 1.33 times greater than the 1994-2007 warming.

A subset of the authors was very kind to Lonnie Thompson from the same Ohio State University: they wrote about their insights in a very diluted way, so that Mr Thompson’s AGW religious sensibilities are not hurt too much. [End Motl Excerpt.]

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