In 1974, Paul Ehrlich told the U.S. Senate he wouldn’t bet a nickel U.S. still around in 1994

By: - Climate DepotMarch 27, 2015 6:44 PM with 3 comments

  • Mervyn

    Don’t you love the way these global warming alarmists make predictions, none of which ever come true?. Consequently they just keep moving the goal posts to justify their bum-predictions, which only make them look even more ridiculous.

    A prime example of this is the infamous climate change alarmist, Dr Tim Flannery of Australia. What makes him a big disgrace is he has no shame about his bum global warming alarmist predictions… and he is too arrogant to simply admit he has got it all wrong about carbon dioxide and the myth of dangerous man-made global warming.

    • Guest

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  • Robert

    Wonder if someone could point to where John Holdren said “population limitation & redistribution of wealth”. It is in quotes…..