Hulk Actor: Questioning Gore & DiCaprio’s carbon footprint ‘defies the spirit’ of the climate march – ‘That is a question you shouldn’t be asking here today’

By: - Climate DepotSeptember 21, 2014 2:43 PM with 77 comments

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[Update: Watch Leonardo DiCaprio avoid the question about no global warming for 17 years.  Watch here.]

New York City – Actor Mark Ruffalo declared certain questions off limits to the media today at the People’s Climate March in New York City.

During the media availability press event, Ruffalo was asked in a one-on-one interview with Climate Depot if celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, who boasts that he will fly around the world to fight global warming and former VP Al Gore,  are the best spokesmen for global warming given their huge carbon footprints. (See: Leo DiCaprio: ‘The Argument Is Over. Climate Change Is Happening Now’)

“Oh brother. That is a question you shouldn’t be asking here today because that defies the spirit of what this is about,” Ruffalo told Climate Depot. The interview was conducted for the upcoming climate documentary Climate Hustle.

Ruffalo starred in the Hulk film series and has been a climate activist. See: Hulk Actor Mark Ruffalo Claims Oil Causes Typhoons: ‘What happened in the Philippines must be stopped. Fossil fuels are enemy #1 to mankind’ & Warmist Actor Mark Ruffalo: ‘We demand that the President & Congress act against Climate Change as they have acted against Saddam Husein, Bin Laden, and Hitler for that matter’

“That is a kind of a mental Jujutsu — that question. The fact of the matter is why — if they did not have any power, why are they attacking people like Leonardo DiCaprio?”

An agitated Ruffalo continued: “The fact of the matter is Leonardo DiCaprio’s voice carries farther than anyone one of those politicians,  even the President. And that is significant and he knows he has a responsibility to the people in the world to get this message out because he feels in his heart it is right.”

“Anyone who attacks Leonardo DiCaprio is either a coward or an ideologue,” he added. [Note: Audio/Video available of Ruffalo’s interview]

DiCaprio has been criticizied for his oversized lifestlye.

DiCaprio Hypocrisy?

Leonardo DiCaprio, Environmental Hypocrite: Owns at least 5 luxury homes – Flies the world

  • Ilma

    Has diCaprio ever stopped to consider what would happen if we stopped using fossil fuels overnight. Chaos and mass unrest would quickly ensure. Food, water, sanitary and health supply systems would rapidly collapse, energy supply for factories, offices and transport would also rapidly collapse.

    The man is an utter fool.

    • Kenneth Simmons

      He might not be able to fly his plane for, as he calls it, “the good of the word”.

    • Tony Lear

      With %90 plus of the worlds electricity still coming from fossil fuel one wonders just what they are thinking, it simply does not seem logical so what is happening?
      Whatever it is it will obviously mean disaster and in our lifetimes, can’t say i’m looking forward to it.

    • Jim Farley

      The replacement technology is already well-developed. The energy cartels don’t WANT us to have abundant cheap energy. They WANT us slaving and using a third of our paltry wages to move ourselves around and heat and cool our homes.

      • jr565

        The replacement energy is neither cheap nor efficient. That is the reason why they aren’t being adopted. Do you really think that people couldn’t get rich off of alternative energy like solar? Do what you want with your house.

        • Jim Farley

          except, in states like florida, it’s now ILLEGAL to run your house exclusively on solar energy. You read correctly.

          • jr565

            Whatever the rules are in Florida doesn’t take away the fact that Solar power is expensive, and not very efficient, in comparison to fossil fuels. Hence the reason its not used.
            Solyndra TRIED to make money off of solar. Despite subsidies from the govt they went out of business. Because solar does not work economically.
            Individually though, if people want to use solar (except in FL apparently) they are free to do so. Its not as if you can’t get energy from solar. its just not very good in comparison to coal or oil.

    • Alan_McIntire

      We would ALSO have to eliminate spending money on movies from our budgets.

    • jr565

      how would he power his five luxury homes?

  • ClimateLearner

    Ruffalo is a zealot. An ignorant zealot. DiCaprio is a useful idiot. Ignorance is also required to be that.

  • derfelcadarn

    Until these two clowns start walking the walk in their lives I do not give a $H!T what they say or think. These jerkoffs play dress up and make believe for a living,making them most likely not your best choices for information.

  • czechlist

    I need an explanation for how “attacking” Gore or DeCaprio equates to being a coward. I think one who acquiesces to elitist peer pressure is better suited to that description. Ruffalo probably couldn’t write the chemical formula for CO2 without spotting him the CEE and the ZERO.

    • DeadMessenger

      How does disagreement constitute an “attack” anyway? If Ruffalo goes into a 5-star restaurant, and the waiter suggests a dish and tells him he ought to give it a try, and Ruffalo refuses and orders something else, does that mean he “attacked” the waiter? If so, that waiter ought to press charges.

      • drofmanythings

        Didn’t you get the memo that the debate is over? Some Americans have the gall to research the issue and decide that the climate change data is lacking, thus attacking the elitist high priests of global socialism.

  • John of Cloverdale, WA, Austra

    I wonder if these actors realize socialism means that the community will have access to their property.
    Share your goods with us comrades, and no more air travel or fancy cars!

    • Haefen

      Except of course real socialism means less for the community and more for the elite, which is why it, like all other political theories from the 19th century have failed. Great ideas, poor in practice.

      • IbSnooker

        No, the ideas are terrible too. It flies in the face of human nature. That’s why it always fails.

        • Haefen

          I’ve heard the same about democracy and capitalism, and I suspect you are correct. It isn’t in human nature to play by any rules. Any system that does not take into account that there is an Elite (created or preexisting) which will distort, twist, buy and corrupt to their advantage is doomed to failure and a repeat of history.

  • AlliCANsayisWOW

    This event is not about any celebrity. They were just part of the crowd. The crowd that showed up was huge it was real people who understand climate science is not a political issue it is a human issue. The earth will be fine long after we are gone. For a fair look at the real science check out this very right wing Wall St Journal article

    • Stephen Maniloff

      Ms. Wow– you are actually completely incorrect. The Climate Alarmist Movement is only about politics. Do a little research- Who is Maurice Strong, and what was Agenda 21, for starters.

      • AlliCANsayisWOW

        No the climate change movement is about science. Do some research on the SCIENCE. How have CO2 concentrations changed in the last 60 years? What is a normal rate of change that is found in ice cores? Is there less ice now than 50 years ago. IDK about your conspiracy theories they are all crazy. Ok expect one I like Rand Paul so release the 22 pages about 9/11

        • jayhdavis

          So why has there been almost no, I repeat no, increase in average temperatures for almost 18 years? I suggest you do some research into the “scientists” who have put out the models and graphs you believe so strongly in. You will find that Michael Mann, Phil Jones and their buddies are at best incompetent, at worst frauds. How about starting by going to and read the September 22 post by Jean S.

  • PiltdownMan

    Hi, remember me? I was the Global Warming of the 20th Century. 97% of scientist vouched for me. I was a funding gray train for countless researchers and institutions. Everyone believed in me, and if you didn’t you were shunned and shouted down. Then one day, they thought about it and decided I was a lie. It took 40 years, but hey, is that any way to treat an indisputable fact of science, just because I was a fake?
    If you can believe in Global Warming, you can believe in me. My time has come again. Leo, call me.

    • DeadMessenger

      “If nothing else, I can sell the hell out of insurance.”

    • Publius

      Brilliant. It’s the Piltdown Man fraud squared and then cubed.

  • Walther11

    God I hate these Zagnuts.

  • Stephen Maniloff

    These Hollywood actors are useful idiots. Think about this Mr. Ruff alo: Now, I can come up with many ridiculous things one must subscribe to in order to believe in Catastrophic Climate Change. In other words, you gotta’ be an idiot. Just, think about one little aspect. The goal of the Alarmists is to reduce CO2 (They like calling it CARBON) by 50% of 2005 levels. This means we’d be an Agrarian Nation again. Check your history books, Liberals. Life was hard back then. Now—I won’t even explain to you actor types the intimate connection between the Green Movement and the Eugenics Movement. That’s right. What do you really think sustainability refers to?

    • TaurusPT111

      Plants need carbon dioxide to perform photosynthesis which in turn releases oxygen into the air. Guess these guys never took biology. Their goals will just end life on earth…but wait, isn’t that what they want? No people to pollute?

      • Justin OB

        thats the endgame. in the meantime they just want to control and profit off of every breath you take and every move you make

  • Stephen Maniloff

    According to satellite data, we as a planet are approaching 18 years of no increase in global temperatures. The odds of this occuring according to the IPCC (UN) computer models is zero, which depending on various rounding errors is not far from the combined IQs of Ruffalo and Leo combined.

  • Tony Lear

    Ruffalo’s body language is one of choking those who question. These Dear Leaders will have their own Jets, helicopters and supermarkets while the workers queue for food just like in the old Soviet Union.
    The Peoples March ? The Peoples Republic of America March more like it.

    Shouldn’t they wait until “The Pause” is over?

    • AlliCANsayisWOW

      THere is no pause. THe IPCC has predicted the RAISE in temperatures that we have seen. Just because it is near the lower end of their predictions doesn’t mean it didn’t fall within the error bounds. ANYONE WHO KNOWS JACK ABOUT SCIENCE understands that error bars are incredibly important. LOOK AT ANY DATA SET and you will see warming. From climate depot’s own RSS to NOAA the climate is warming just as models have predicted.

      • Tony Lear

        The IPCC call it a hiatus and scientists are tripping over themselves to explain it so don’t bother denying it.

      • Tony Lear

        The rise above trend is now 0.15 of 1 degree in other words nothing. This is down from 1.8 degrees in 1998.
        Don’t waste your time looking at the Global warming “scientists” graph because it stops in 2005 but even then it was back down to 0.4 degree which is right at margin of error and well below the agreed level of natural variability which is 1 degree. I bet they wished they had never agreed to that !

        Too Late.

  • Tim Moen
  • TaurusPT111

    Love it! They come to NYC in their carbonmobiles, leave trash everywhere and say it’s ok! It’s OK because we want to save the earth. Yep, to save the earth the elites and communists have to trash it, but the rest of us need to get with the program. Comical. And they don’t need me to go see their dumb movies either.

    • AlliCANsayisWOW

      A demonstration is not designed to solve the underlying problem it is designed to raise awareness and show support. With that in mind this was a huge success

      • TaurusPT111

        So in your mind all the garbage is ok. Hmmm…. to me the end does not justify the means

      • gofer1

        Awareness of how stupid, gullible and hypocritical they are……huge success.

  • Vasco DeGama

    in an effort to curb global warming, Leonardo DiCopraphagus shows up on his 500 million dollar mega yacht. you can’t make this stuff up.

    • AlliCANsayisWOW

      Saw a great quote. First they ignore you, then they LAUGH AT YOU, then they fight you, THEN YOU WIN. Except when we win everyone wins.

  • jayhdavis

    In other words, do as we say not as we do.

    • AlliCANsayisWOW

      In other words private citizens are not the problem. Corporations are the problem. This is sooooo pathetic oh look the environmentalist drive cars therefore they must be hypocrites. How about nuclear power or any power than doesn’t take trapped CO2 and release it into the atmosphere. We have doubled the concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere DOUBLED! No scientist dead or alive would hypothesis that this will have no repercussions. How long before we see them and how bad will they be? These are debatable subjects LETS HAVE A CONVERSATION is what this movement is trying to accomplish.

      • jayhdavis

        CO2 is plant food. Without it, green plants, and therefore us, die off. There is absolutely no credible science behind the “CO2 causes global warming” statement. All the hype and handwringing is based on discredited models that cannot even hindcast right, let alone forecast.

        • Justin OB

          dont start using basic facts about science. you will upset the brainwashed and make them question why they werent born with common sense. they dont even understand that the massive ball of hydrogen that our planet revolves around may be responsible for subtle increases and decreases in temperature.

          • Tony Lear


      • Frank

        this movement is about socialism. plain and simple

      • Tony Nash

        Differentiate between carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide please. When you figure out the difference you probably still won’t have a clue.

      • Tony Lear

        A CO2 peak of 400ppm has been measured (at a volcano in Hawaii) but don’t forget that should CO2 fall below 200ppm plants cannot photosynthesize.

  • Brad Gillespie

    When you’re as removed from the life an an average person as Dicaprio is, shutting down the world’s energy supplies in favor of wind and solar makes perfect sense; it won’t affect his situation, or any of the other Hollywood aristocrats, who wouldn’t feel any effects from higher energy prices, and hence higher prices for about everything else. It’s easy to play the high priest when you don’t feel the negative effects of what you preach; you do feel the adulation of the mentally soft cretins who mimic their eco heroes, rather than think for themselves.

  • John Howard

    What DiCaprio and Ruffalo will never do is actually enter into a courteous technical debate with the scientists who disagree with them. Neither will Gore. These fools are publicity hounds, not thinkers, not debaters, not philosophers. Piltdown Warming keeps changing its name, but it continues to attract the same caliber of loudmouths. Such clowns used to be called “scolds”. They just love shaming humanity like bible-thumpers scolding sinners; I assume it gives them a sense of importance.

    • Justin OB

      they couldnt win a debate. thats why al gore wont debate with anyone. his ridiculous statements that never come true and complete ignorance of basic science would destroy his whole scam

  • wtf0804hydroponics

    No more fossil fuel that means no more jet fuel for your helicopter rides, private airplane, yacht, heating oil
    or anything else that needs those nasty oil by products to be made.

  • Publius

    Actors. Ha.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    The Man Caused Global Warming believers are idiots. 20 years ago, Al Gore said that “in 10 years, the ocean levels will be 10 feet higher.” Are they? In 2006 Al Gore said, “By 2014 there will be no ice left in the Artic.” Since then the Artic has gain a bit more than 500,000 square miles of ice, yet the religion of Man Caused Global Warming continues. Liberalism is a mental illness.

  • Mark Urban

    Why does anybody think actors have a clue? Ruffalo is an asshole as is DiCaprio and Clooney, Jolie, Affleck and all the other idiots who use their movie fame to foist their political beliefs on the sheeplike masses.
    I think George the Animal Steele was a far more astute observer of the american political scene, and he was just a entertainer/ wrestler in Vince McMahon’s stable of goons.

  • ratnn

    Hey these are special people, and you are just goy!

  • Justin OB

    dicaprio makes me sick. another limousine liberal hypocrite idiot being used by the globalist scumbags who are selling our country down the river

  • Jim Farley

    What we really need to do is demand that the governments and corporations of the world STOP killing and silencing the inventors of apparent-over-unity technologies, such as the Tesla radiant energy tower system, the Schauberger self-running turbine, the Clem fuelless motor, the EV Gray fuelless motor, the Papp noble-gas engine, the Daniel Dingell water-fuel system, the Stan Meyer water-fuel system… the list goes on, people. This silly squawking about political ‘solutions’ to reduce energy usage is based on ONE THING and one thing alone: the energy cartels have humanity in a stranglehold, and it’s based on ENERGY. We can turn the world into a gigantic garden, rip up most of the roads and replace automobiles with anti-gravity public transportation and personal transportation. But we don’t. Why? Because Daddy Rockefeller says NO. Wake up and smell the exhaust fumes!

  • The near term doomsday projections by the Gore-bots haven’t materialized, so they now project way out in the future so they can never be held accountable for their fallacious pseudo-science

  • hvaiallverden

    Of course, if you dont BELIVE the scare you are the problem, right, moron.

    And he havent the slightest ide of what He talks about, exept to hammer those that dont belive.
    Medival science, requres medival solutions, right Hollolloweed “actores”, something like burning on a stake, would save the planet.
    I have no idea of why they are of any intress at all, he is like Dicaputo, payed morons, and is probably wipped out to do something by their masters, the ZioNazis that runns the Hollolloweed shitthole, a industry I have and will boycot for the rest of my intire life, I will NEVER see anything from those f…. again.


  • John Trapp

    They should have called this “The douchebag march” because that’s exactly what it is. Freakin’ 0.04% of the atmosphere is CO2. Is that too high for these idiots? So what is their solution then, reducing that zero point zero percentage to zero point zero? Did you ever think you would ever see the day where you would see a bunch of morons protesting zero as too high? “ZERO IS TOO HIGH! WE NEED TO BRING THAT NUMBER DOWN TO ZERO!” I mean that’s exactly what we are talking about here isn’t it. They are literally telling the public to reduce CO2 emissions because the percentage is at a dangerously high level of zero point zero, if you can even call CO2 “dangerous” unless you think more plants are dangerous. And then let’s not even get into Methane: Remember when professional ass kissing recipient Leonardo Di Crapio was going on about Methane? You know what the percentage of Methane is in the atmosphere? 0.00017% Zero point zero zero zero is too high for this fool.

  • obama is a traitor

    WOW,i always like Ruffalo as an actor and I thought Ruffalo was a down to earth reasonable guy , but I guess he is a another useful idiot or he stands to gain from all this Global Warming hoax…. I am disappointed to say the least

  • obama is a traitor

    last time I checked CO2 helps to sustain plant life which in exchange gives us oxygen,

  • Greg Dwyer

    Ruffalo didn’t star in the Hulk film series. He appeared only in The Avengers. Eric Bana and Ed Norton were in the Hulk movies.

  • rosswill

    In the Hollywood Socialist barnyard animals like DiCaprio, Gore and Ruffalo are more equal than others. In their own minds they enjoy privileges beyond those of the masses because of their seemingly exalted status.

    If this event is not where these types of questions can be asked then where and when can they be asked? This is not first time they have been asked to these people yet we are still waiting for an answer.

  • lakesaltland

    I saw a story on spinning that the growing ice sheet is bad – huh?

  • George Costanza

    Mark ReTarDo!!

  • jim stretch

    movies and everything else without massively dense energy? how is that even possible? ask somalians and other africans. these guys are just clowns. it’s embarrassing.

  • M R Mason, PG

    As usual, the Theory of Uniformitarianism is being ignored. (Google it if you don’t know what it means). History and physics are being treated as irrelevant.

  • WestHoustonGeo

    ““Oh brother. That is a question you shouldn’t be asking here today because that defies the spirit of what this is about,” Ruffalo…”
    Another hypocritical nincompoop heard from.

  • ooooooh

    Don’t make him angry? Why, is he going to turn green or something? That’s an invitation to make him angry.

  • drofmanythings

    All this simply makes we want to stay home and avoid their movies. No ticket by me, Leonardo. You will be the next Sean Penn…a talented nobody and box office poison.

  • jacemace

    being a hypocrite does not invalidate the point. resource managment, economics, and above all the environment need to be tended to by everyone. smarter people than leonardo and gore need to be involved; it is not a simple issue but slandering people is not the way to solve the problem. at the end of the day leonardo and gore should be held accountable for there wasteful lifestyle along with the rest of the planet.

  • Wadepo

    I feel great, my Carbon footprint is way less than Al Gores or Leonardo Dicaprios, zero change needed on my part. Feels great I am not part of the problem.

  • jr565

    Buffalo and DiCaprio are both super rich yet want to be socialists. They have the biggest carbon footprint yet lecture the rest of us. Both can go F themselves.

  • mike

    All you climate deniers are a bunch of fools. If renewables were getting a fraction of the subsidies that fossil fuels have enjoyed for decades, renewables would be far more developed than they are today. The fossil fuel industry has succeeded in hiding the truth from the world so that they can continue to prosper while irreversible climate change becomes more and more likely with each passing day. We no longer have the luxury of time. fossil fuels need to be phased out urgently no matter the cost to the economy. Once climate change becomes irreversible the future of life on this planet will be very brief. Ask yourselves a very simple question, who has the most to gain from climate denial, the oil companies, or scientists measuring climate change. I think the answer is pretty obvious. It’s no longer a question of whether global warming is taking place, its now a race against time to see if we can reduce CO2 to safe levels before its too late.